A broad variety of clothing, comprised of outfits, solely appropriate for certain hours of the day, is both the fun and intricate part of women’s fashion. Many of us start our jobs in the morning and clock out around 5 in the evening, cutting so close to the hour of most evening events and hangouts. End of the day events includes press events, dinner meetings, a cocktail night with colleagues or merely an unwinding session with friends and family. If you’re anywhere near Toronto, add another hour of commute to your transition time.

Majority of women have found themselves in a dilemma when an evening plan had been lined up right after work. Bless those who have the opportunity to work close to home. But what about the rest of us who are bound to be late if we make a stopover in our homes and change? Below are a few tricks.

Layering is the key! Building a wardrobe with standard items that can be customized works well while dressing up for day-to-night schedule. For instance, a classic everyday black dress can be layered around easily with cardigans, blazers, shirts, jewellery. Select styles with a modern silhouette scooped necklines and pencil-shaped hems. Layer these with button-up blouse or a long sleeved fitted shirt, blazers or utility jackets. This look will be both classy for work and fashionable for your evening hangouts.

Jewellery can also prep you for whatever the day has to offer. Elegant necklaces can frame your face and becomes a centre point for any outfit. No matter if you go for something intricate and sparkly or colourful and bold, well places jewellery item can transform staple clothing items into a beautiful outfit, you’re bound to get compliments on.

Shoes, just the word is enough to save you. Shoes can make your whole look go from ordinary to extravagant. They add another component of colour and texture; for instance, a metallic shoe can add shimmer to the outfit without overdoing it. A flattering figure look can be acquired by wearing shoes with pointy toes since they can make your legs appear long and lean.

Ladies if you’re anywhere near Toronto, you’re in luck! Ziba couture, a series of boutiques located at Sheraton Shopping, Royal York Hotel and Sheraton Centre, offers a wide range of office, evening and casual wear, along with a collection of accessories.

Our fashion store in Toronto is a wholesale shop where stylists and designers of Ziba Couture offer a customized experience in women’s wear. They take pride is supporting Canada’s garment industry by carrying styles from Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman.

Equipped with Canadian and European brands, Ziba Couture is stocked with latest designs in office wear, cocktail dresses, gowns, jackets, pants, scarfs, jewellery, purses, hats, gloves and so much more.

Women in Toronto seeking style guidance and tips will be happy to know all locations offer consultation services with our professional stylist. Call in advance to schedule an appointment.

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