10 important points to set boots and skirts

10 important points to set boots and skirts

In this article, we want to share useful information about the set of boots with skirts. Stay tuned to zibacouture.

Boots are one of those styles that women set with all kinds of warm clothes in the cold season of the year. One of these popular sets is the set of boots with skirts. This set should establish a special coordination between the types of boots and the types of skirts. Join us to share 10 important tips for setting boots and skirts.

Boots set with skirts

Boots with a variety of short, long, and…skirts are a good combination that can guarantee the fashion of any woman in autumn and winter. Your winter coat is available but not easy; You must know the principles of setting skirts and boots. Simple tips that we teach you here.

Boots inspired by equestrian boots and known by the same name in the world of shoes are a good choice to go with linen skirts, jeans, and other sports skirts. For sporty sets that you want your hands to be in light color, brown leather boots are a more prudent choice because it is a classic leather color and always looks beautiful.

Boots that have a trumpet design, i.e. their legs become wider as they go up, wear them with skirts below the knee. When combining skirts and boots, always make sure that the edge of the boot should be hidden under the skirt and not visible.

Contrary to many women's beliefs, combining a short skirt with below-the-knee boots is not a good choice. This combination makes you look shorter. The reason for this is the failure that the skirt line and the edge of the boot create in your outfit.

Dark color combination

Dark color combination

If you insist on wearing boots with a short skirt, use a combination of dark colors to minimize failure, for example, wear black boots with black tights and skirts of the same color. Do not continue to use black on the upper body because your set loses its beauty and becomes nostalgic and depressing.

Boots with high and narrow heels are recommended only for middle-aged women and above. Young ladies, it is better not to go for this model of boots because it has no harmony with youthful and agile clothes of this age. Boots with narrow heels are a fancy choice and middle-aged women should use these shoes only in special situations.

One of the ways to beautify your set with boots Combining boots with some accessories of your set. For example, if you have camel-colored boots, use a camel belt on your skirt or shirt. The unity of the two is noticeable and doubles your beauty.

To wear a short skirt with boots, you should go for heeled boots; Of course, high-heeled boots that have wide heels and therefore are compatible with sporty and short skirts. Boots that use a combination of lodge and heel in their design are a good choice for short skirts. Learn this general rule as well; The higher the heel, the shorter the skirt.

For teenage women, we suggest a different combination; Medium-heeled boots, socks that protrude from the boots, and a leg to complete this. This set is a good choice for happy teenage days. In such teenage and sporty combinations, the color does not matter much, even the crowded colors help to make the set different.

What should a boot set with a skirt look like?

What should a boot set with a skirt look like?

When buying boots that have very long legs, be aware that the height of the boots should not be more than five centimeters above the knee. These boots are a good choice for short shirts; Note the short shirt, not the short skirt. Combining such boots with a short skirt will make you a dwarf. You are more open to set the shirt with the boots and you do not have to worry about the rules of setting the skirt and boots.

Set the material and color of your boots and bag together. If you are wearing leather boots, use a leather bag in the same color. We recommend that you think of creative sets instead of the classic set of bags and shoes, but in the case of boots, the same classic choice is better.

These days, when suede boots are as popular as leather boots, be careful not to use a combination of suede boots and leather bags. The best set for your suede boots is of the same quality.

Straight pencil skirt

If you are interested in classic style, choose a short skirt. These skirts usually reach the height of the knee. It has a perfect fit and regular cut. These skirts are a better option for formal occasions.

Be careful to wear: Set the short skirt straight with a black absorbent shoe. Use a wide white bow for more effect. For a romantic look, set the skirt in a contrasting color. If you want a more classic look, pairing a black skirt with a white blouse and using a red bow or scarf will give you an attractive style.

Black short skirt

Black short skirt

Short denim skirts look like straight skirts, except that they are not so fitting. These skirts go well with all clothing models, from rings and T-shirts to sneakers and tops. In addition, they leave you free to choose the color to set. If you like the classic model, set the denim skirt with a white blouse. Your appearance becomes a little weird by wearing screaming colors and a denim skirt. Patterned T-shirts and blouses also go well with denim skirts.

For an informal and comfortable style, you can wear your denim skirt with several layers of shirts. Wear loose-fitting T-shirts on striped blouses. Dark jeans are a better choice for this style. In summer, a blue and white striped blouse with a denim skirt goes well. If you want a more effective style, pair your denim skirt with a white or milk blouse and a pair of leggings.

Cloche short skirt

One of the most suitable skirts for any body shape is the cloche skirt. This model of skirts is suitable for any type of limb because it widens from the lower part of the waist. In addition, these skirts never go out of fashion and you can use them on different occasions at any age.

If you want to stand out, wear a patterned cloche skirt with a top with wide stripes. Just make sure the skirt and top are in the same color. If you want a more effective style, use two different simple colors for the skirt and the upper body or a patterned skirt with a simple blouse.


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