6 suggestions for wearing striped clothes!

6 suggestions for wearing striped clothes!

Wearing striped clothes also has certain principles that you must know to make you more beautiful, not to reduce your beauty or disturb your good form and style. Find the model of striped clothes.

We all have a few striped clothes in our wardrobe, regardless of whether we are fat or thin, but you should know that wearing striped clothes has its tips. Let's share a suggestion for wearing striped clothes.

Striped clothes
1- It should match your body size
The size of the stripes should be proportional to the overall size of your body. If you are tall and full, the stripes on your dress can be wide and big.

Petite women should wear clothes with small and close stripes, and women who have an average figure should have the size of their stripes about their average figure, you will establish balance by doing this.

Sabura says that women who have plump bodies are embarrassed to wear striped clothes when there is no need. Look for clothes with V-shaped stripes to draw attention to the center line of your body.

Tips for wearing striped clothing
2- Layer your outfit

At Saboura's suggestion, try striped clothes as part of your outerwear. For example, wear a striped t-shirt under a single-colored blazer or jacket to reduce the effect of the stripes. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

3- Maintain your thinness
Depending on which part of your body is thinner, use striped clothes for that part. For example, people with figure seven (narrow waist and broad shoulders) should use blouses or striped shirts, and people with the opposite figure (people with the full lower body) should use pants and shorts for lower body clothes. Use striped designs.

Small women tend to wear solid color blouses with small stripes, but tall women can do whatever they want. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

4- Be fashionable
Sabura says that sometimes I wear a striped shirt in summer. Wear a sundress or a short shirt and use your favorite coat to top it off or make an explosion of bright colors. Keep your stripes from showing off by wearing a colorful blazer or bold shoes and throwing on a statement necklace. Buy your cheap women's pants with up to 70% off sale.

Guide to wearing striped clothes

Guide to wearing striped clothes

5- Use striped accessories
You have a wide field of action to use the striped design and where you want to use this design. Using a shoe or a bag with a striped design will give your outfit a different look, or you can simply choose your clothes and wear a striped coat over them. If you are worried about fashion, you can wear a striped scarf.

6- Play with colors
According to Sabura, using monochromatic stripes will make you look thinner and people won't notice you too much. If you want to wear an urban style, you can use clothes with a black background and gray stripes. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale and have the best choice.

Vertical or horizontal stripes?
Horizontal and vertical stripes include the following applications, which we will explain to you in the commentary: Vertical stripes and clothes that have vertical designs make you look more beautiful and slimmer because of their interesting way.

It shows and is especially recommended for people who are a little fat and want to hide their fatness. Also, it is recommended for people who are short but want to make their height appear taller to wear clothes with vertical stripes. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale.

Clothes with horizontal stripes: these types of clothes with these stripes are more recommended for thin people. Now we will tell you some tips: if you have full breasts, or if you have a stomach, it is better to use clothes with vertical stripes, or if you have hips or thighs, then use clothes with Use with vertical stripes

Suggestion to wear striped clothes

Suggestion to wear striped clothes

Also, for people who have small breasts and want to make their breasts look bigger with the clothes they wear, it is better to use clothes with oblique and indirect stripes, and it is better for fat people. Wear clothes with vertical stripes and avoid clothes with horizontal stripes.

After explaining the types of striped clothes, we will talk about the thickness of the stripes and how a dress with wide or narrow stripes will give you a special effect. Fat people should avoid clothes with wide stripes and it is better to use clothes with narrow strips to make them look slimmer. Buy your cheap dresses online safely from the Ziba couture store.

For women who are tall and average in terms of body and style, meaning they are neither fat nor thin, it is better to wear clothes with wide stripes to cover their height to some extent. Also, people who are short and thin should wear clothes with narrow strips to make them look taller and more beautiful, And usually, clothes with narrow stripes are more stylish than clothes with wide stripes. And now we will examine the color of these stripes, and what color they should have.

The colors we usually know for striped clothes are a combination of black and white, or blue and white, or black and red. But if you want to wear a new striped dress with a new color combination, be careful that the color of these stripes suits you and wear color combinations that are close to each other, such as yellow and orange, red and yellow and ... or that the combinations you choose come together, and are close to each other in terms of color.

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