8 colors of clothes that reveal your personality

8 colors of clothes that reveal your personality

Did you know that your favorite color for clothing and style really reflects your personality? According to David Zilla, fashion designer and author of The Color of Your Style, although you may have used different colors in your wardrobe and have at least one set of different colors, you always like one color more than the other. This is exactly the color that you feel most comfortable with and feel good about, and of course boosts your self-confidence.

To better understand the meaning of clothing color and the relationship between color psychology in men's and women's clothing design and personality psychology, look more closely at the color of the clothes of the people around you. Read this analytical article on zibacouture.

1- Black; Clever and ambitious
In the fashion industry, "black" is one of the most serious colors. If we want to talk about the color of clothes and the psychology of personality, we must say that "black" is the favorite color of people whose personality index is strength, seriousness, toughness, intelligence and talent. Maybe that's why most universities around the world have black graduation hats.

People who prefer most of their clothes to be black, while being very ambitious and purposeful, are very sensitive and emotional people. There is a rule for black people: emotional and very sensitive people who often like to hide this sensitivity. The color black helps these people to draw the attention of the environment and those around them from their appearance to their inner personality. Because for them, the inner quality of people's personality is more valuable and important than their outer appearance. We suggest you buy your clothes with your favorite color from Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

2- Brown; Conservative and rational
"Brown" is the color of the earth. The color that symbolizes one of the strongest components of nature and can be trusted and relied on. If we want to take a closer look at clothing color analysis and personality psychology in the case of Brown lovers for style, we must say that Brown lovers are conservative people who always respect their elders.

These people usually seek peace, stability and power. A man or woman wearing a brown dress usually evokes a sense of authentic, intelligent, and rational personality.

3- Blue; Calm and effective

Blue; Calm and effective

Well-known journalist and psychologist Lisa Johnson Mendel believes that "blue" is the best color to wear in job and formal interviews because it conveys a sense of confidence and self-confidence to those around you. Maybe that's why many formal, office and shop uniforms are blue.

Professors of psychology at the University of British Columbia in the United States have studied the different spectrums of blue and how effective they are, and have found that darker shades of blue, such as navy blue, have a more calming psychological effect on clothing design. Do not miss the end of season sale - ziba couture.

4- Green; Kind and kind-hearted
According to psychologists, the color "green" gives you a good mood in relation to the environment. "Enjoying green is because of its connection to nature, and that sense of joy leads to a sense of peace and contentment," says Katherine Man, CEO of Pantone and author of Living with Color, on the psychology of green in clothing. People in whose wardrobe green dominates other colors are active and alive in social life.

These people usually live in good areas of the city and are financially stable. In terms of the relationship between clothing color and personality, we must say that lovers of green clothes are caring, kind, compassionate and kind-hearted people. You can safely buy your cheap dresses online from zibacouture store.

5- Purple; Artist and dreamer
In the past, the color "purple" belonged to the aristocracy and the rich, and the color purple meant perfection, wealth and aristocracy. Did you know that "Cleopatra", the queen of Egypt, was crazy purple? At that time, only the rich and aristocratic were allowed to dress for themselves in different shades of purple. But today, the use of purple in clothing design is a sign of creativity, insight and interest in art.

According to psychologists, in terms of the relationship between clothing color and personality psychology, those who seek different shades of purple for clothing color are emotional and sensitive, dreamy, passionate and lovers of philosophy and mysticism. You may be interested to know that lovers of purple clothes are unpredictable people and they are both easy and difficult to deal with at the same time. You can get up to 70% off sale by buying clothes from zibacouture store.

6- Red; Clever and energetic

Red; Clever and energetic

"Red" is the color of love and passion. According to Kenny Frimpong, commercial director of Italian menswear, Eredi Pisano wears "red" if you want to convince and impress someone.

Attract attention to each of the red spectrums you wear. People tend to associate the vibrant color "red" with energy, excitement and movement. According to psychologists, men are more attracted to women who wear different shades of red. People who often wear red are a little selfish, addictive, smart and excited.

7- Yellow; Adventurous and creative
"Yellow" is the color of the sun, joy and laughter. According to research, yellow color causes the secretion of serotonin in the brain, increases the speed of metabolism and excites those around. In addition, yellow increases attention and focus, which is why it is often used to design billboards, advertising sites, road signs and street lines.

In terms of the relationship between clothing color and personality psychology, those who wear different shades of yellow are generally active, creative, and people who get used to something very quickly. The yellow-clad are adventurous, have bright dreams in their heads and are always ready to discover and conquer. Buy the best choice in zibacouture store by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

8- White; Neat and perfectionist

The color "white" is a symbol of freedom, innocence, purity and simplicity. Maybe that's why most people wear white like a wedding when they decide to start a new chapter in their lives. White attracts reputable people who love freedom and are optimistic about life.

In terms of the relationship between white psychology in clothing design and personality psychology, those who love white clothing are neat and tidy people who like to strive for perfection. In general, white suits different personality types and as a neutral color rarely repels others.

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