8 Must-Have Summer Clothing Pieces for 2019

8 Must-Have Summer Clothing Pieces for 2019

Summer has finally arrived and what better way to celebrate than by filling your closet with this season’s trendiest looks! Styles and pieces that have walked the runways of fashion week are now available, attainable and waiting for you to grab. To help you decide which trends are worth your time and money, here are eight must-have fashion items for summer 2019.

Bucket Hats

A 90s trend no one expected to make a comeback, bucket hats will be the accessory of the season this summer. Whether you’re looking for a neutral hat or one splattered with fun colors, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your style.

Animal Print

Back with a rawr, the animal print shirts and skirts you have hiding in the back of your closet can come out to play once again! Fashion week had models walking the runway wearing leopard, zebra and cheetah print, and everyone was on board with this comeback trend.

Barely-There Sandals

Another 90s comeback piece, barely-there sandals are the perfect shoe choice for the 2019 summer. A Light, airy and subtle addition to any outfit, these sandals have made a name for themselves and aren’t going away anytime soon.


Once an outfit makes it down the fashion week runway, you know it’ll be a popular trend for the upcoming season. Tie-dye is no exception, especially with designers jumping at the chance to tie-dye all sorts of fashion pieces. From dresses to pants and hats, you’ll be able to find a tie-dye piece that suits you.

Cycling Shorts

This is a trend that took everyone by surprise. These statement cycling shorts are a simple clothing item that will make for a bold outfit, whether you pair it with a basic white t-shirt or a sequin blazer. Available in an endless number of colors and prints, cycling shorts are high on the must-have list this summer.


No matter the material, be it leather, sequins or silk, it can use a bit of fringe from the summer. If your outfit isn’t swooshing around as you strut your stuff this season, then you’re missing out a key trend for the year.


The luxurious look of a leather outfit is something you should be prepared for this summer. Trickling in from last year, the leather looks in various colors and silhouettes will be highly sought after, so it’s best to jump on this trend as soon as possible.


While wearing a suit doesn’t seem like the most comfortable fashion choice for the summer weather, you can always rock a suit blazer with matching shorts or a classy skirt. This is a popular trend that everyone’s looking forward to pulling off this season.

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