All tips for choosing and buying women's coats; Buy a coat that fits your body

All tips for choosing and buying women's coats; Buy a coat that fits your body

Among the winter clothes, the coat has its fans. It is usually more stylish and formal than jackets and knits, and because it is long enough, it keeps us warm well. Like any other clothes, the coat we choose should fit our style and figure. In this article, we will talk about choosing and buying women's coats.

The length of the coat should be long enough
The ideal length of a coat should be long enough to cover you. The overcoat is not a coat, so you cannot consider its length to be less than the big hips. The coat should be a little lower than the knee, on it, or a little longer than it. A long coat is also your personal choice.

The material of the coat is determined by your taste
Usually, coats are wool or leather, but raincoats are also considered coats. The only difference they have with coats is that they are made of waterproof fabric. Among the overcoat fabrics, we can mention all kinds of woolen fabric, footer, purple, and leather.

The coat must have quality
Invest in a quality coat that will last you for years. Unless you want it to be trendy, then you probably don't need to care about the quality.

To determine the quality of the coat, pay attention to its lining and stitching. It must be sewn cleanly, the cuts are smooth, the fabric is strong and of high quality, and the lining is strong enough. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online safely from the Ziba couture store.

The thickness of the coat depends on you
The thickness of the coat depends on you.  Some people are hot and cannot wear thick and warm coats. In this case, you can use less thick coats. If you are one of those people who are very cold, leave the coat for not-so-cold days and wear a coat or jacket with glass wool on very cold days.

A woolen coat is warmer than all other types. However, some coats sew them with a layer of glass wool. In this way, they will be suitable for winter.

Consider the color of the coat

Consider the color of the coat

Patterned or colored coats are very popular. However, many of us prefer to have a neutral color coat next to it. These coats can be worn anytime and anywhere. Black, navy, and gray are neutral colors. Wear colorful scarves with neutral-colored coats to compensate for their lack of color. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Pay attention to the shape of your body
The next thing to consider is your body shape. Your body shape can be pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle, and upside-down triangle. Special coats are suitable for each of these organs. We suggest your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

Hourglass: Wear any coat you like;

Pear: choose a coat with dark colors, large and wide collars, four-button models, and a belt that fits right on the waist;

Sibi: Coats without belts are better for you. Four-button models with many details in the middle part of the body are not suitable for you. It is better to choose a coat whose buttons start right below the chest;

Rectangular: Choose a coat that is not wide, or longer than the knee to make the body look slim and elongated. It is great if it has a belt that defines the shape of the waist;

Coats should not be loose and follow the natural shape of the rectangular body.

Inverted triangle: a belted coat that defines the shape of the waist and is of dark colors is better for you.

In general, the appearance of the coat you choose should suit your body; that's mean:

Fit well on the shoulder. Neither the shoulder should hang from the sleeve nor the sleeve should ride on the shoulder;

The arms should have complete freedom of action. Being free does not mean that the clothes are loose;

Seams, pleats, and pockets should be sewn straight and clean, the hem should be straight and not bent;

Coat sleeves should cover the wrists and not be short;

When you close all the buttons of the coat, it should not be stretched or tight;

You should be comfortable in it. Walk a bit with it, sit down and make sure it's your perfect size and not tight.

Select the button layout

Select the button layout

Coats are divided into three categories without buttons, two buttons, and four buttons in terms of the number and type of button arrangement. Two-button coats have a row of buttons in the middle of the front, four-button coats have 4 to 8 buttons arranged in two columns and are open in front without buttons.

The choice of coats is up to you; But as we said, they should be suitable for your body. For example, a four-button coat is not suitable for apple-shaped bodies.

Types of women's coats; how many types of coats do we have?
Coats are available in different shapes and models. Some of the main types of coats are:

Straight coat; For formalists
The straight coat is not tight or loose in the skirt part of the coat. This coat makes your body look slimmer, but your waist is defined. Any collar style you like and any color you like is fine. You can wear this coat style daily, but it is more suitable for formal situations. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Housecoat; For parties
Formal coats can be straight or slightly flared. The waist of this overcoat is clear and perfectly shaped. If the skirt is wide, only the upper body will be your body shape. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale.

Men's style coat; A beautiful contrast with women's clothes
These coats are stylish and beautiful and you can wear them in many situations. To create a contrast in your style, you can wear this coat with clothes such as tight pants, leggings, and supports that are for women. Of course, it will be beautiful with jeans, a knitted sweater, and simple boots or shoes.

To make it more stylish, make it from checkered fabric, which is very fashionable these days. We suggest you don't miss Gracia clothing on sale and make the best choice.

Men's overcoats for women are usually larger and made of neutral-colored fabrics. For this reason, it is suitable for people who like to have a minimal style.

Belted coat; For fans of classic style

Belted coat; For fans of classic style

Belted coats are very stylish and perfect for many women. Only women with an apple body shape should not use these coats. However, if you like a belt, you can choose a coat whose belt is a little higher; Like the Empire style. Buy your cheap women's pants from the Ziba couture store.

In these coats, you can tie the belt in the front of the dress or let it hang freely from the sides. If you like, you can tie it a little beyond the middle of the front of the dress. With this, you will have a classic style.

Important note: If you choose a short belted coat, remember that it fits your body stylishly and beautifully and stays flat. Because the coat is thick, if it is too loose, its volume will accumulate on the middle part of the body and make your body look big and heavy.

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