Choose dresses color that suits your skin color

Choose dresses color that suits your skin color

One of the secrets of fashion is choosing clothes color based on appearance features such as skin color and... Many people mistakenly use colors that are not suitable for them and in this way are ridiculed by others.

To choose the color of dresses, principles should be considered and a suitable dress should be selected based on skin color. If you do not know what colors are suitable for your skin, read this part of the world of zibacouture fashion to know if your skin is warm or cold and what color dresses are right for you.

How to recognize your skin color?
It may have happened to you that you saw your friend wearing a pink shirt and was highly praised, praised, and noticed by those around him. You also decided to make a shirt of the same color and wear it.

But after that, it was ridiculed again, and the same previous glances were returned to you, and as a result, you took them off and put on your previous black, blue, and gray clothes.

For a dress color suitable for your clothes, you must first determine the color of your skin and have a good choice based on your skin color. To detect the color of your skin, first wash your face with soap and wait 15 to 30 minutes for the redness to disappear because to detect the color of your skin, your skin should have a natural color and be completely clean.

After cleansing your skin, stand in natural light to recognize your skin tone, but the use of artificial light changes the color of your skin. You should know that various factors such as sunlight or taking certain medications affect the skin and can change the color of the skin.

Is your skin cold or hot?

Is your skin cold or hot?

Take a sheet of white paper place it next to your skin and compare it with your skin to find out if your skin color is yellow, brown, green... If your skin color is pink, rose gold, or blue, your skin is cold.

If your skin color tends to be gray, you have neutral skin. If your skin is full of acne and pimples and you can not recognize the color of your skin, but the white paper next to your ear to recognize the color of your skin.

You can also use the sun to determine the color of your skin. If you are one of those people who tan in the sun, your skin has warm skin and if your skin turns red in the sun, your skin is cold. Neutral skins also fall into either of these two groups.

dresses color Suitable for warm skin tones
If your skin is warm like some Hollywood stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Alba, the best choice of dress color is to choose natural colors such as red, peach, orange, amber, gold, and yellow. If you like cool colors, choose warmer tones such as olive, purple-red.

Among the neutral colors, you can choose colors such as brownish-gray, cappuccino, and cream. It is better not to choose clothes in screaming and cold colors such as ice blue or ruby ​​because these dress colors make your skin color dull and gray.

Suitable colors for cold skin tones
If your skin is as cold as stars like Nicole Kidman, Mindy Calling, and Cate Blanchett. The best color dresses for you are light blue, emerald, and dark purple. Other dress colors that come in your skin color are colors like lavender, ice blue, and pink.  If you wish, you can also use other colors such as ruby, bright red, or pale yellow.

People with cold skin color can choose gray, white, and navy blue for their clothes if they are interested in neutral colors. But choosing clothes in orange, tomato, and bright yellow colors is not suitable for you at all.

Suitable colors for neutral skin tones

Choose dresses color that suits your skin color

Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Carrie Washington have similar skin tones. Since you have a neutral skin tone, any color dress will suit you, but it is better to look for darker and more mature colors instead of lighter colors.

Colors such as dirty pink, jade green, yellow and blue, and neutral colors such as cream, Nescafe, gray and black can be colors that suit your facial skin.

Screaming colors like carbon blue or phosphorescent purple intensify the neutral color of your skin, so avoid wearing them, but instead do not hesitate to wear bright red clothes, it will surely shine beautifully on your body. You can get your favorite color dresses up to 70% off sale at zibacouture.

What color is suitable for all skin tones?
Many colors come in all skin tones, such as pure white or light pink. Combination colors such as green-blue and bright purple also act as neutral colors and are compatible with your skin without any emphasis. Because these colors balance hot and cold colors, you can safely wear them with any skin color you have.

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