Designer Dresses for Every Dress Code

Designer Dresses for Every Dress Code

Dress codes can be hard to follow, especially if you’re not sure what the code entails but it’s important to know the details so that you dress appropriately and accordingly. Knowing about the different types of dress codes will ensure you show up with an outfit that is not only suitable but also perfect for the specific event. If you want to stand out for the right reasons, keep these dress code guidelines in mind the next time you go searching for a beautiful dress.


If the dress code is White Tie, the event requires that you wear a classic floor length gown. It should be a singular piece and the dress cannot be short, knee length or even ankle length because gowns need to be long so that they fit in with the floor length theme. The opera, formal weddings and charity fundraisers are all examples of White Tie events. Formal gloves and jewellery will help complete your glamorous look.


If the invitation states that it is a Black Tie event, you must wear a formal dress, although you will have options when it comes to the style and length, which will depend on the situation. Floor length dresses may be worn and classy cocktail dress are also appropriate, so you can base your decision on the type of black-tie event you’ll be attending, which may be a charity fundraiser, award ceremony, wedding or a gala. If the invitation says Black Tie Optional, it means that dressing up is mandatory but you may do so on your own terms based on your personal style and taste. You can choose to wear a long gown, a cocktail dress or even separate pieces so long as the overall look is elegant and classy. A statement clutch and jewellery will help enhance your final look.


If you are attending an event that states Semi-formal, Dress Casual or Cocktail, you are expected to dress up but don’t have to go overboard. Shorter dresses are acceptable but don’t wear anything that is too casual like jeans or sport shoes because sophistication is part of this dress code and a little extra effort will be appreciated. Cocktail attire is generally for evening events or adult parties to which you should dress up.


Festive events are fun and your attire will be based on the host’s request or setting. Industry events and weddings may prefer Black Tie while intimate events such as holiday parties or dinner parties may request cocktail attire. You can wear bold colours and statement accessories and the atmosphere is usually more relaxed so you don’t have to follow any strict rules that accompany the other types of dress codes.


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