Do not wear these colors together

Do not wear these colors together

One of the big problems that many people face is setting the color of their clothes. For example, some people want to know what color gray is set with, or also, for example, what color purple becomes more beautiful in the type, and... to do this, you should know that there are rules and points for each of Colors should be considered when setting.

In this article, we want to acquaint you with these tips and rules so that you can set your clothes together more easily and beautifully.

1- Do not wear brown and black together
Brown and black are contrasting colors that you should not wear with each other because these colors cause you do not have an attractive style and do not look good. But with these two colors, you can use neutral colors or pastel colors that make you look more beautiful.

 2- Do not wear gray and brown together
Gray and brown are other contrasting colors that should never be overlapped. Instead of setting these two colors, you can use other colors that become more beautiful with this combination.

 3- Do not wear red and green together
If you want to have a simple style for everyday activities, red and green color sets are not suitable for you at all, but if you want to attend parties such as Christmas, you can use this combination.

 4- Do not wear dark blue and black together
Dark blue and black together can not bring you a beautiful style. As you know, black is a special color that you can set with any color, but with dark blue, it is better to use colors such as silver to have a beautiful style. Buy your cheap dresses online with your favorite color from the zibacouture store.

 5- Do not wear light green and pink together

Do not wear light green and pink together

Other sets that you can not wear together are light green and pink. It is better to imagine that you are wearing light green pants with a pink shirt! Note that this set does not look beautiful.

 6- Do not wear purple and yellow together
Purple and yellow sets are other sets that should not be placed next to each other.

 7- Do not wear green and orange together
Green and orange do not look good together because green does not look good with warm colors.

 8- Do not wear black and yellow together
This set is another contrasting set that should not be worn together. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Do not wear colors together?
To choose a suitable style, it is better not to use more than three colors in your style. If you are going to do this, the third color should be your accessories. For example, you should choose the color of clothes and pants in two different colors and the color of the scarf in different colors.

Principles of setting the color of clothes
To set the color of clothes, you must first know the color cycle well. The color cycle is divided into the following three main groups:

main colors
The colors that fall into the main color category are red, blue, and yellow.  Not all of these colors come from a combination of other colors, but other colors you know come from a combination of red, blue, and yellow. Buy your favorite clothes from the Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

Secondary colors
These colors include yellow, green, and purple.

Third-order colors
These colors are created from a combination of primary and secondary colors, such as magenta, amber, and turquoise.

Warm and cool colors
Colors such as orange, red, yellow, brown, etc. are among the warm colors, and colors such as purple, blue, green, etc. are among the cool colors.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors

Colors that fall into the category of neutral colors are simpler than warm and cold colors. Gray, black and white fall into this category.

What colors are set together?
Now that you are familiar with the principles of setting the color of clothes, you should get acquainted with the principles of setting the most important colors with each other. Therefore, in the following, we will introduce you to the most important colors and the principles of setting them with other colors.

1- What color is the mustard color set with?
Mustard color, which is in the category of warm colors, is obtained from the combination of yellow colors. You can set this color with the following colors:

Black color
As you know, black can be set with any color, so if the color of your clothes is light mustard yellow, you can use black next to it.

Brown color
Mustard color and chocolate brown color are very beautiful together. You can have a special style by setting these two colors.

Purple and mustard colors can create a good style together. You can set dark mustard bags with this color.

Magenta color
Magenta and mustard colors complement each other. For example, if you are wearing a light mustard dress, it is better to set it with light blue-red.

Blue color
Other colors that you can set with mustard are blue or garlic purple.

2- What color is the color of a peach set?
Peach color, also known as peach color, is one of the most beautiful colors that gives you vitality and kindness. This color is very popular among women, so we want to introduce you to the colors that you can set with this color. You can set the color of peaches with the following colors. From Zibacouture store to get up to 70% off sale.

Turquoise color

Turquoise color

The peach and turquoise color set is a special combination that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Usually, young women use this set.

Gray alone is a neutral color, but if you combine this color with peach, it will be very attractive and you will have a special style with it.

Golden color
If you are a fan of classic style, you can use a gold and peach color set. This set has been one of the most popular sets from the past until now, and many women still use this style.

Beige and white
The combination of peach color with beige or white is another combination that is suitable for all age groups that you can use.

Lavender purple color
Peach color with pastel purple or lavender purple is a gentle combination that for example, you can wear a peach mantle with a lavender purple bag or vice versa.

Red color
Peach and red are very close in color range, so you can set these two colors together and have a special style.

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