Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Skirts

Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Skirts

Wearing a skirt may be the choice of many women to have a more feminine and formal look. Skirts in different models, heights, colors, and designs can change your ordinary and everyday appearance. If you are one of the ladies who always wear pants, it's time to change your appearance by wearing a skirt. Of course, knowing the dos and don't of wearing a skirt before choosing it will help you to make this change more pleasant for you.

What skirt to choose?

Straight pencil skirt

If you are interested in classic style, choose a short skirt. These skirts usually reach the height of the knee. It has a perfect fit and regular cut. These skirts are a better option for formal occasions.

Be careful to wearing a skirt:

Set the short skirt with a black shoe. For more effect, use a wide white bow. For a romantic look, set the skirt in a contrasting color. If you want a more classic look, set a black skirt with a white blouse and use a red bow or scarf, an attractive style to give

Be informal by denim wearing a skirts

Short denim skirts look like straight skirts, except that they are not so fitting. These skirts go well with all clothing models, from rings and T-shirts to sneakers and tops. In addition, they leave you free to choose the color to set. If you like the classic model, set the denim skirt with a white blouse. Your appearance becomes a little weird by wearing screaming colors and a denim skirt. Patterned T-shirts and blouses also go well with denim skirts.

For an informal and comfortable style, you can wear your denim skirt with several layers of shirts. Wear loose-fitting T-shirts on striped blouses. Dark jeans are a better choice for this style.

In summer, a blue and white striped blouse with a denim skirt goes well.

If you want a more effective style, pair your denim skirt with a white or milk blouse and a pair of leggings.

Wearing a skirts cloche short

Wearing a skirts cloche short

One of the most suitable skirts for any body shape is wearing a skirt's cloche. This model of skirts is suitable for any type of limb because it widens from the lower part of the waist. In addition, these skirts never go out of fashion and you can use them on different occasions at any age.

If you want to stand out, wear a patterned cloche skirt with a top with wide stripes.  Just make sure the skirt and top are in the same color.

If you want a more effective style, use two different simple colors for the skirt and the upper body or a patterned skirt with a simple blouse.

Wearing a skirts midi!

These skirts are slightly lower than your knees, and such a height may make you look shorter and fatter than you are.  If possible, choose a midi skirt with a high crotch. This choice will help you look more elongated.

Midi skirts are attractive with a variety of high heels such as sandals, toes or heeled boots, and short heels.

If you have short legs, choose from the range of sizes of small people. Because these skirts have a special cut that makes you look better.

For a classic look, you can pair a midi skirt with an absorbent blouse, a long necklace, and heeled ankle boots.

Wearing skirts puffy lace, weird but possible!

Wearing skirts puffy lace, weird but possible!

These types of skirts may be reminiscent of the childhood days when you wanted pink puffy lace skirts. But these skirts, which are usually below the knee, can have a formal or informal look for you, depending on the clothes, shoes, and accessories you wear.

For a formal look, pair long lace skirts with a sweatshirt or T-shirt, pointed shoe jewelry, or doll shoes.

For an informal style, wearing a skirt with patterned T-shirts and linen. Adding a leather belt is also optional!

Feel comfortable wearing a skirt maxi!

Maxi skirts are usually ankle-high and sometimes taller. These skirts are usually a bit loose and geometric designs and shapes are a good choice for comfortable summer styles. Due to their size and volume, maxi skirts need absorption tops to be set.

Wear patterned maxi skirts with an absorbent blouse. Try to set the color of the blouse with one of the colors inside the skirt and choose a suitable necklace.

For an informal style, pair a long jersey skirt with a patterned blouse. Make your style more attractive by adding glasses, hats, or sandals.

Be formal with a ball skirt

The cloche skirt is like a long maxi skirt but a little more voluminous. These skirts are usually made of fabrics such as taffeta and are suitable for formal occasions.

Setting a dark skirt with an absorbing blouse, high heels, and formal style jewelry will give you.

For informal styles, use a patterned skirt with a light color and a buttoned blouse. A knit denim blouse makes your look more casual.

What tips should we follow when wearing a skirt?

What tips should we follow when wearing a skirt?

Enhance body protrusions with light colors, balloon skirts, and short puffy skirts: These skirts make them appear larger because they are placed on the thighs. If you want a more casual style, use A-shaped skirts or light-washed jeans.  Patterned fabrics and bright colors help to highlight.  Slightly shiny fabrics, such as satin, are effective in showing the bumps. The short skirts that are absorbed on the buttocks also help to highlight this part.

 Vertical lines and dark colors make the lower torsos less prominent: Wearing a skirt with vertical details such as pleated, sewn and Sassoon skirts makes your limbs appear more compact and narrow. For extra slimming, wear a skirt with a dark color such as crimson, black, gray, and olive green.

Pay attention to your style upper body by wearing a patterned upper body or using eye-catching accessories. The A-shaped skirt is a good choice. Because it easily covers the buttocks. If you want to cover the size of your thighs, use a full cloche skirt or fit and flare skirts that are absorbed on the hips and are free at the thighs.

Use short, monochromatic skirts to make your legs look more elongated. Any skirt that is above the knee or even shorter will make you look taller. Skirts that are absorbed in the hips, such as straight skirts, make you look taller. To be more effective, match your skirt with the color of your skin and shoes.

If your skirt has a pattern, match the color of your shoes and socks with one of the colors. If you do not like wearing short skirts, use longer skirts or tights.

Make your legs slimmer by changing the height of the skirt. It depends on which part of your body you want to cover. For example, if you do not want your calf to be exposed, use a skirt that is higher or lower than your calf. If the height of the skirt is exactly on the leg, it will make you look fatter.


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