Dresses that make you look fatter

Dresses that make you look

It is very important to follow the principles of wearing dresses in a person's appearance. If you want to always look well-groomed while you are obese, it is better to know the dress-up tips for slightly obese people, so that you can identify what colors can be used for these people together, or indifferent ceremonies and situations. Different what to wear to not look fatter. It is very important for both men and women to be fashionable and have a beautiful appearance. Do not forget that being obese has an interpretation for every human being.

 It all comes down to your awareness of fashion and dress code for obese men and women. What dresses are suitable for obese or thin people? What to wear? Do you look fat? What colors make you look fat or thin? These are all points that you need to consider to be comfortable.

What kind of cover is suitable for obese women?

What kind of cover is suitable for obese women?

Suitable pants
In obese and thin people, the use of pants that are very long and in the tail part, several layers are gathered together is not at all principled and correct, on the contrary, wearing too-short pants is not at all principled. It is best to choose pants that fit your shoes so that part of your sock is visible, and not wrinkled or layered. Dear ones, you can buy your cheap women's pants on this page.

Suitable shirt
You should be careful in choosing your shirt, always choose a cover that fits your body size and fits your body. dresses that are loose or tighter than your body are not at all principled and appropriate and make you look unattractive. Be careful not to drop your shoulder when choosing a shirt, your shirt should not be folded and folded at the waist and abdomen, do not choose a dress that unbuttons when sitting and getting up.

Never choose long shirts, because men's shirts should not fit on pants, so it is better to choose short shirts.

If you are wearing a dress under your shirt, be careful not to protrude from your collar, it is better to choose a shirt whose collar is higher than the collar of the shirt under you.

What kind of coverings is suitable for thin and obese people?

Use of pleated and layered dresses
In general, pleated and multi-layered dresses make a person a little fatter than their current weight. Wearing pleated and fluffy dresses can be a good option for thin people, obese people should avoid wearing these dresses.

High heels
Slim people should wear high heels, the use of 5 to 7 cm high heels is very suitable for these people, wearing shoes with very high heels is prohibited for obese people.

Choose pants

What kind of cover is suitable for obese women?

It is better to use straight and baggy pants. Wearing skinny pants can make your body look slimmer. You should wear straight and linen pants or even shorts, and as far as you can avoid choosing dark colors in your clothing, you should generally forget to use skinny pants and sports leggings because they make you shorter than your waist. To make your body look slimmer, using such pants is beyond the principles of fashion.

If you are obese, it is better to choose straight and long pants, choosing short and tight pants can make you look fatter, shorter, the use of light colors is forbidden for obese people. You should use dark colors to stretch your legs a little and Show slimmer.

Use striped and patterned dresses
Vertical striped dresses generally make people look fatter, so it is better to look for dresses or even coats that have vertical stripes to cover the thinness of your body to some extent. In this case, too, choosing light colors is very important, because dark colors make you look slimmer. As we said, choosing a clothing design can also be involved in this issue and make you look fatter or thinner than normal. You dear ones can buy your favorite dresses in women's clothing boutique zibacouture.

If you are an obese person, use simple dresses with private designs, but if you are a thin person, use patterned and crowded dresses to show that your body is fuller than what you are.

Choose dresses and coats

Choose dresses and coats

Wearing loose coats and clothes can cover this slimness of your body, it is better to use a punch and lose coats. The clothes of thin people should be one size higher than their actual size so as not to show that their limbs are thin. Obese women are better to use clothes that are appropriate for their size, the use of looser or tighter dresses shows more obesity, so it is better to wear your standard size. The use of punch coats is not recommended for these people; it shows people are fatter than their actual size.

Try to use more dark colors in choosing your dresses and coats, using light colors can make you look fatter than your real weight.

If you are obese, patterned dresses and florals will make you look a little fatter than usual. So forget to use floral, pleated, multi-layered, vertical stripes, crowded designs in general. But you can use dresses that have horizontal lines, this kind of clothes will make you look slimmer.

Wearing a skirt, in general, can cover body defects, but for this group of people who are obese, it is better to use long and straight skirts, do not look for short skirts and cloches at all, because it makes you look much fatter than usual. In choosing a skirt, if you are looking for dark colors, it is much more reasonable for you.

Wearing a skirt can cover your legs and limbs to some extent, so it is better to use long and cloche skirts in ceremonies. Using short skirts and absorbing is not at all suitable for thin women. If you have a thin body, you can cover your body defects by wearing pleated dresses and skirts and show your body more than normal. But note that wearing such clothes is not suitable for obese people at all and makes them look fatter than normal.

Color selection
It is generally wrong for obese people to wear crowded, colorful, light-colored clothing. These people are better off using dark colors. If you want to use light colors, look for monochrome dresses that will make your body look much slimmer.

Women who are overweight and obese should not wear dresses of the same color because this obesity of their body is more obvious, so it is better to play with colors and use different tonnages together to have a beautiful color harmony.


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