Dressing tips for short people

Dressing tips for short people

You may have read this article because you are unhappy with how tall you are. Do not be upset; I wish it was a few inches taller. But unfortunately, we are not able to determine our desired height… at least for now. Until then, short people in the fashion world have had few problems, and finding clothes that are exactly the right size will be a hassle because there are fewer manufacturers.

To sew clothes for people under 140 cm (especially for men). Well, I'm here to help you find clothes that fit your size and look taller. Tall Tips Before we offer fashion advice, the following tips will help you look taller while being simple:

Tips to look taller with clothes
1- Maintaining proper posture and posture is the key to achieving your maximum height potential. Remember to keep your back completely straight when sitting and always keep your head up and stand up arrogantly when standing. Walking with your head bowed and bent only makes you look shorter.

 2- Keep in mind that as a general rule, short hair is much more suitable for short people. Long hair covers the neck and shoulders, which makes your head and body look like a single part, and this will not help you look taller. Have the best choice with buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

3- Another point is to maximize good stature and maintain weight balance. People who are overweight and overly muscular look wider and shorter, but staying lean and having some muscle (well-shaped shoulders and size) can add some height to your frame. Go to the stores The best way to buy is to open reference books and contact various clothing stores and ask them what models and sizes they have. You should also ask the seller if it is possible for them to sew a custom dress for short people.

 Finally, another way to find smaller sizes is to order clothes from "small size" catalogs or search the children's sections of department stores. General Tips Wear Vertical Striped Clothes Wear anything that makes you taller.

 For example, vertical stripes on clothes can make your short stature look taller. Patterns such as narrow stripes on fabric, trunks and strings also evoke that "vertical" effect. Tip: Do not wear checkered shirts. Buy your favorite clothes from Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

Wear a color

Wear a color

Wearing a shirt and pants of the same color prevents obvious dichotomy and rupture in the frame of your body and creates the feeling in others that you are taller than short people. Choose dark colors and light fabrics. In addition, dark colors, especially black, make the body look slimmer and help short people to look taller. The same goes for light or medium weight fabrics. On the other hand, heavy fabrics make you look shorter and bigger. Wear full-size clothes. Wear short clothes. Finally, remember that your clothes are exactly the right size.

What are the right clothes for short people?
Loose clothing can make it short and wide, so choose clothing that is tight and smooth instead of loose.

One way to increase your height is to wear shoes that are worn by short people who increase their height, such as high heels or shoes that have thicker soles. It simply adds a few inches to your height. Shopping Tip: When shopping for shoes, choose ones that are larger in size and size so your feet will not look too small.



Avoid wearing a wool jacket or sweatshirt with more than 3 buttons as they will inadvertently draw attention to your shorter torso. Also make sure your jacket is slightly lower than the buttocks, as it will make it look a little taller. Although you should avoid wearing four-button coats, if you want to wear one of them, be sure to close all the buttons. You can buy your cheap dresses online at a great price from zibacouture store.

Also, when wearing a sports jacket, try not to have too many discrepancies between the jacket and the pants to maintain the position of the vertical lines. The middle and side creases in the clothes also cause the vertical lines to extend. In the case of sweatshirts and T-shirts, their seven-collar types help the upper torso look taller. Ski collars, on the other hand, are short and wide because they cover the neck. Wear shirts that fit the design and shape of the body to prevent the fabric from getting too high when rolling up the sleeves.

Use narrow, angled collars instead of wide collars. Finally, keep in mind that putting on a shirt pants will draw attention to the legs and upper body, resulting in short stature. Shopping Tip: Shortening the length of a shirt is generally easier than reducing the length of the sleeves. So make sure that the shirt you buy fits your body and shoulders in the first place, and if that happens, you can later adjust the overall size and sleeves of short people.

Short pants suitable for short people

Short pants suitable for short people

Do not wear your pants too high; Wear it slightly above the buttocks. Also avoid wearing shorts as they will make your legs look shorter. In addition, avoid wrinkles and bumps around the buttocks by ironing the shirt in the pants or filling the pockets as this will make it wider and therefore shorter. Your pants should be a little more than usual on the shoes so that the socks are completely covered and as a result the legs look taller. Also try to use pants that do not have creases or have at most one crease. Shopping Tip: If you can not find clothes for short people your size, assign custom sewing to a good tailor.

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