Fabric & Print trends for the 2021-2022 Autumn/Winter Season

Fabric trend of autumn and winter dress 2021-2022

The importance of Seasonal fashion trends throughout the fields of fashion revolves around, predicting the future trends set by the worlds' fashion capitals and their influence on the market and trade. Trend forecasters in all industrial markets use past sales data to predict future sales opportunities. Thus, fashion trends are the backbone of the fashion industry and a reflection of society and the moment in time in which they are popular. That being said predicting future fashion trends can often be done generationally as current popular styles always take some form of influence from the trends of the past. That includes colour trends, fabric textures and techniques, and other sources of style inspiration; creating a demand among consumers for the new batch of best-selling and trending looks.

Keeping up to date with world fashion trends is a huge investment advantage in the industry

Staying updated on fashion trends is an essential requirement for any fashion: investor, manufacturer, designer, or influencer. This is due to the accelerated nature of fashion cycles and their influence on the average fashion consumer. To remain relevant and a fashion insider, it is vital to find and create more buzz around the current viral trends and innovations. Average fashion consumers are rarely aware of these innovations until they are already imitated by the majority of retailers and can be found in every mall and retail store worldwide.  This is because the decisions that result in popular trends often do not occur in the eyes of independent consumers, but by fashions major players in isolation from the everyday influences of external factors within society. Fashion forecasters report on the trends that the product developers then use to produce new clothing styles, fabrics/prints, and accessories for brands. That is why fabrics are very important as one of the main elements of clothing design. In this article, we are going to review some colour and fabric trends of the upcoming season.

The Corona epidemic caused us as individuals to reconsider the true definition of modernity. The time to embrace past fashion influences is now and take us back to a simpler time when we lived a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle. The global pandemic has shifted consumer life perceptions and values ​​to ideas of: minimal consumption, an emphasis on cost-effectiveness, convenience, and protection.

Consumers also redefine their value through a results-based approach to durability, flexibility, usability, and efficiency. dress with organic beauty and natural fibers or inspired by nature by inducing a sense of return to the trend of slow production of products, the sense of naturalness of consumables in the fashion world has led to interesting fabrics for next season. These fabrics include a variety of velvet fabrics, four woolen houses, lace fabric, and organza, and...


Types of dress fabrics Trend 2021-2022 Match velvet fabric

Types of dress fabrics Trend 2021-2022 Match velvet fabric

Match velvet, which was one of the fabrics used in the '60s and '70s, today with soft finishing of match velvet using pile wire to fluff the fabric, with changes in it and creativity in texture to innovate on this surface.

Classic checkered fabric

The woolen plaid weave fabrics that were most used in punk style in the 1980s, especially Vivienne Westwood costumes, have become a popular choice in recent years as the popularity of handicrafts increased and returned to the past. Lighter natural materials and nanofibers have been used in checkered textiles. Combining traditional colors and patterns with modern creativity provides a stylish visual experience for the cold season.

Lace and organza fabrics

The lace fabric, which is known as a piece of the old European fabric, has been presented with a new interpretation in the fall and winter of 2021-2022. These fabrics express the sense of romance and seduction, elegance, lightness, and softness, the definition of transparent and lace fabric in this chapter. Inspired by handicrafts, these fabrics are often combined with embroidery to provide a variety of textures.

Synthetic leather dress fabric

Leather dress, one of the first wearable products for humans, has been made synthetically since 1963 with polyurethane-based plastic fibers. Leather fabrics from the fashion of the 70s are multi-season, have maintained their presence, and will remain in the fashion world next season. Bright colored leather with different colors of soft and durable, suitable for all kinds of clothes such as jackets, shirts, skirts, and pants.

Shiny metal fabrics

In the mental background of survival and protection of the human race and survival, fabrics taken from astronauts' dress with a metallic look have become the fall and winter trend of 2021-2022. Heat and antibacterial activated metal fibers to provide protective function and metallic luster as futuristic fabrics for the future seasons.

plant dyeing

plant dyeing

Natural plant dyeing is one of the trends of autumn 2021. Dyed patterns as a faded color effect and natural fusion of past trends, which has also established its presence in this season. This technique is very popular on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants.

Forty pieces of cloth

Mixing fabrics or patchwork will be another trend of the cold season this year, revived by changing the world's attitude towards fashion and the recession after the Corona epidemic. This style was used as a technique by hippies after World War II and after due to the recession and especially in the '60s. Today, the fabric embroidery style is formed by combining fabrics with different patterns together, or printed fabric with the effect of forty embroideries. This technique is a symbol of the review of the clothing production process and the conscious desire to reduce waste in the textile industry.


Artificial fur

Animal skins have been the first cover for humans in nature. Before public awareness of animal rights, artificial fur was produced in the 1950s because of its reasonable price compared to natural fur. But today, with awareness and respect for animal rights in the autumn and winter of 2021-2022, artificial fur fabric will be another warm and soft trend of the future.

Embroidered cotton

Waterproof cotton embroidered fabrics will be another trend this year. In addition to the jacket, which is the main use of this fabric, it has been used in the form of pants or skirts and bags, as well as in the fall and winter fashion collections this year.

Fabrics with brand logo patterns

Fabrics with brand logo patterns

Brands' logos and monograms have recently made their way back to fashion shows. Many brands have exaggerated their logo patterns in their fall and winter collections.

The color of trendy dress fabrics is 2021-2022

Fabric shade with simple colors of classic blue, samba red, ultramarine green, peach, burnt brown, pus pink, classic white, yellow-cream with almond oil shade, navy blue, gray, army olive green, purple with magenta shade, cream - with sandstone shade will be the trend of autumn and winter clothing fabrics.

Awareness of fabric trends is essential for investors, manufacturers, and designers of dress and fashion enthusiasts to be able to compete with others globally to advance their professional goals and meet the needs of consumers according to the speed of change.


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