Familiarity with different types of velvet fabrics

Familiarity with different types of velvet fabrics

When you hear the name velvet fabric, a sense of luxury is imprinted in your mind. Luxurious velvet dresses or royal velvet curtains or even grandma's red velvet pillows may come to mind.

Knowing the intricacies of different fabrics is essential for a fashion designer and any fashion business. Even those who do not fashion designers need guidance in choosing the fabric they need, especially velvet fabric, which is a unique and versatile fabric.

Velvet in the textile industry
It has many uses and is very suitable for any kind of use, especially where softness is desired, such as sleeping goods and clothing. In addition, the visual appeal, quality, and beauty of the velvet fabric make it very suitable as a display fabric, such as curtains and furniture. In the following, we will talk about the history of velvet fabric, its types, and its applications. Join us at zibacouture.

What is velvet fabric?
Velvet is a smooth, soft, and shiny fabric that can be made from natural fibers such as silk, wool, and cotton, and synthetic fibers such as rayon and polyester, or a combination of both.

In ancient times, velvet was made of silk, but because it was so expensive and rare, only the affluent could use it. Today, velvet fabric is made of synthetic fibers to make its use more practical and cost-effective.

The term velvet refers to the structure of the fibers, rather than to the fibers from which they are made. This is a very dense, dormant mass of fibers that are cut evenly, resulting in a soft, fluffy surface. Velvet fabric is a beautiful and recognizable fabric because of its shine and luster. The price of this fabric varies depending on the materials used to make it, and some of them have a special maintenance method that makes the work a little difficult. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

History of velvet fabric

History of velvet fabric

The first velvet fabrics were made of silk and were therefore very expensive and only available to the aristocracy. Velvet fabric was popular during the European Renaissance. But its history goes back much further to the ancient cultures of China, Iraq, Iran, and Egypt. When machine knitting machines were invented, the production of velvet fabrics became very cheap, and due to the use of synthetic fibers in its manufacture, all sections of society were able to use this beautiful fabric.

Although modern velvet fabrics are not as pure and precious as they were in ancient times, their use in decoration and clothing has not diminished. Have the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

 1. Crushed Velvet
This type of velvet, as its name implies, has a pounded appearance, which is obtained by turning the fabric in a wet state or pressing the lint of the fabric in different directions. Its appearance is glossy, patterned, and has a unique texture. Do not miss the Sympli clothing sale.

 2. Panne Velvet
Panne Velvet is a type of Crushed Velvet that is pressed hard to squeeze the fabric villi in one direction. The same pattern can appear on knitted fabrics such as fabric (Velor), which is usually made of polyester and not real velvet.

 3. Embossed Velvet
Embossed Velvet is a type of printed velvet created by a heat stamp that is used to press velvet and villi to create a pattern. This type of velvet has different patterns of letters, symbols, or shapes the raised part is a little shorter than the surrounding velvet, which can be felt by touch. Embossed Velvet is usually popular in home interior decoration such as curtains, sofas and.. get your cheap women's pants for up to 70% off sale.

 4. Velvet (Ciselé)
This type of patterned velvet is created by cutting some looped yarns and not cutting others.

 5. Plain Velvet
Plain Velvet fabric is usually cotton velvet. This fabric is heavy and has very low elasticity and does not have the shine of velvet made of silk and synthetic fibers. Buy your cheap dresses online from joseph ribkoff boutique.

 6. Stretch Velvet
Stretch Velvet has spandex (a kind of stretch fabric made of synthetic fibers) that is included in its texture to make it stretch and flexible.

 7. Pile-in-Pile Velvet

Pile-in-Pile Velvet

This velvet has villi of different lengths that create a pattern. This fabric is usually used for furniture.

 8. Lyons Velvet
This type of velvet is denser than other velvet. Lyon velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics used for clothing, from coats to hats.

 9. Velvet cord
This type of velvet is created by placing velvet threads next to each other and plays a prominent role in the way. This type of velvet is used in sewing autumn clothes, especially pants, coats, etc.

How to wash and iron velvet fabric
The most important thing to know about velvet fabrics is that you should never iron them directly as this will remove the lint from the fabric. Eliminate wrinkles and bad odors with clothes. Be sure to steam the garment upside down and do not allow it to get too wet.

To remove small wrinkles or odors such as the smell of cigarettes and cooking, you can hang your velvet clothes on a hot tub that is steaming for 15 minutes to let the steam penetrate the fabric and then put the clothes in Dry at room temperature.

Do not wear velvet clothing while it is wet, as it will be much harder to get rid of wrinkles. If stains appear on a velvet garment, wipe the solids off the cloth with a knife or the edge of a card, or use a white cloth to remove liquids from the garment and leave the garment in a dry cleaner immediately.

Technically, as we said, you should never iron velvet fabric, you should steam it. Velvet fabric has fibers and lint that are added to the fabric and then cut to create a dense texture. Ironing destroys these fibers and the ironing effect remains on the fabric.

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