Getting to know women's minimal style

Getting to know women's minimal style

You must have heard a lot about minimalism in art and literature; But what about women's minimal style? Have you ever heard of its name? The minimal style, like minimal art and minimal literature, is based on this principle: less is more! You might think to yourself that dressing in a minimal style will be boring and repetitive, or that your choices will be limited and you will no longer be free to choose clothes, but it is not like that at all!  Minimal style removes unnecessary and extra components of your look.

In minimal style, quality is preferred over quantity, and simple practical clothes dominate over flashy and useless clothes. If you like order, brevity, and harmony, be sure to choose the minimal style. In this article, we will tell you what the minimal style is and what are its key principles. Stay tuned with Ziba couture.

What is minimal style?
Minimalism is an attitude that is reflected in all aspects of modern human life. Women's minimal style means implementing classic criteria and elements in a modern and contemporary format. If you like classic women's style; But if you want it to be a little more modern and your taste is involved in choosing your clothes, women's minimal style will be your best choice.

A woman who dresses according to the classic minimal style has a simple and unglamorous appearance and her style is always attractive according to global standards. You can wear minimal clothes for years without going out of fashion. Minimal style should reflect your inner self. buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

The importance of the focal point in women's minimal style
If you want your minimal style to be attractive and stylish, be sure to pay attention to the focal point; That is, choose one of the components of your brigade as the focal point; For example, wear simple jeans with a patterned t-shirt, or wear a simple shirt with a special and stylish coat. A pleated skirt with a simple t-shirt will also make your look attractive. Tight jeans and a poplin top will be very beautiful together. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online at the best price from the Ziba couture store.

Suitable color for minimal style

Suitable color for minimal style

Most fans of women's minimal style choose only white, gray, navy, and black colors; But minimal style does not mean removing all colors and limiting yourself to a few colors. You can wear different colors with neutral colors; For example, you can wear a light-colored t-shirt or sweatshirt with black jeans or flip-flops, or for example, you can wear a fuchsia top (a combination of pink and purple) with red pants.

You should consider many points in choosing the right dress color for your style; For example, if you want to buy a leather jacket and after that, you don't intend to buy another leather jacket, you should never choose a red leather jacket for women, but you should buy a black, gray or even navy leather jacket so that you can wear with any other clothes.

Always remember that all your clothes should not be the same color, but you should put contrasting colors next to each other; For example, combine black and navy and add a little white or cobalt blue to it; But remember that your most expensive clothes should be in neutral colors, not other colors. Maybe you don't like black color; But don't forget that black never goes out of the fashion cycle and besides, it is the basis of minimal style. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale.

Essential components of minimal style
If you want to dress according to the principles of minimal style, you must have a series of clothes in your closet. White t-shirt, black jeans, pencil skirt, blouse, blazer, denim jacket, belted coat, black handbag, and black coat are such. Pay attention to the quality of the fabric, the quality of sewing, and its color. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.


Minimal style for fall and winter

Minimal style for fall and winter

If you have chosen the minimal women's style, cashmere coats and camel wool coats will be your best choice. These coats are very simple and light and keep you warm. Belted coats, double-breasted model coats, simple and unbuttoned coats, and simple fur ponchos are good choices for a minimal winter style.

Navy, dark blue, khaki, army green, camel, dark and light gray, black, white, and ivory colors are very suitable options for winter and autumn clothes.

Women's jackets suitable for minimal style
Blazer jackets, classic leather jackets, and denim jackets have a special place in women's minimal style. All women should have a women's blazer in their wardrobe because this coat is suitable for any style. You can wear this coat with any shirt, t-shirt, jeans, pants, and shoes.

Just remember that the fabric of your blazer should not be rayon or polyester, because it will make you sweat and is not stylish at all. Wool fabric, linen fabric, and jersey fabric are very good options for women's blazers. Wool fabric is suitable for autumn and winter seasons and linen fabric for spring and summer. Washing jersey fabric is also very simple. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

If you want to dress according to the principles of minimal style, you should not choose blazers with two rows of buttons, because they look very old, but blazer jackets that have a row of buttons have a simple look and you can wear them for decades without getting old and out of fashion. Navy, dark blue, dark and light gray, black, white, and ivory colors are suitable options for women's blazers.

The appropriate and well-considered dressing is a sign of your thoughts, personality, and attention to your surroundings. Whatever style you choose, it must be according to the principles and rules of that style; In this way, you have both worn your favorite type and followed the framework of that style by making the correct and principled choice. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale.

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