History of women's suits and skirts

History of women's suits and skirts

The history of women's suits and skirts has some interesting ups and downs and makes us seek to get to know it. Many of you may not know that in France, until 2013, women were not allowed to wear pants on the street.

Are you surprised? Yes, that's right! The law forbade French women from wearing trousers, although no one complied. In 2013, France repealed the law altogether.

With this brief explanation, you must have been curious to know the beginning of change. Changes that may have been called a revolution in the style of women's clothing. This time, Ziba couture is targeting another point to decipher for you and introduce you to a new world of fashion. Accompany Ziba couture as always.

Begin to change clothes towards suits and skirts
If the pioneers of change had not come up with new designs, women in European countries would still have to walk the streets and work in pink taffeta. It took a long time for a change, and many women resisted until they finally succeeded.

In 1967, Catherine Switzer was able to make a name for herself as a champion of women's rights. He competed in a marathon with a name similar to that of men. In the middle of the match, one of the officials found out his identity.

Angry that a woman was wearing pants, he attacked her to prevent her from continuing her race. But with the intervention of others, Catherine was able to finish the race. A photo of Katherine running and the attacker was recorded in history. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Another example is women in the US Congress. You might be surprised to know that until the last decade, women in Congress were not allowed to enter Congress in trousers.

Women's clothing in the past

Women's clothing in the past

The time of change can be known from the time women became literate. In the 15th century, a woman from Bologna named Nicolosi Castellani Sanusi wrote a lengthy essay to the church.

His article was in defense of women whom the church had hitherto determined to cover and force them to cover their faces. One of the highlights of this article was the enumeration of men's rights in society while women were deprived of all of them.

In her letter, she demanded that in return for the rights that men have in society, women can only determine the type of clothing they wear.  In those years, the publication of such an article marked the beginning of change. Have the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Lightweight suit or skirt jacket away from the mind
The way women dressed in the past kept them confined. Imagine a woman like this; Tight corset, delicate taffeta dress, embroidered shoes, pleated skirt, lace gloves, and…This woman can not even move easily in her home, let alone work in the community. The shop windows were all decorated in the same way and there was no new model to offer.

Leading skirt designers
Decomposition occurred with Coco Chanel

In 1890, the first woman to wear a suit was an actress who was designed and sewn by a tailor at her request. After that, Coco Chanel became the first designer. He first designed his skirt coat in 1914, but in 1923 he unveiled the skirt coat model in his new collection.

Coco Chanel designed her first model when women wore special coats and skirts for public walks in the city. Hobble skirts, which were tied around the wrist with tight yarn, made it virtually difficult for them to move. What really could be the reason for these strange designs is also hidden from us. We offer you our cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

Coco's signature cape skirt coat skirt

Coco's signature cape skirt coat skirt

The dress designed by Coco Chanel was a coat with a loose and comfortable skirt that gave women freedom. "I gave women real limbs to move," Coco Chanel said of her design. "So that they can move freely in society and do not faint when they laugh."

You must be wondering why he says women should not be anesthetized!  Because in the past decades, when women wore tight corsets, the ribs sank into the body. Sometimes the damage was so severe that he would faint when laughing.  Coco's signature cape was registered.

 The next step was taken by another French designer, Marcel Rochas. No one had ever designed pants specifically for women, which he did. The designer was named the second person in the European women's clothing style revolution. In 1932, he designed Katie for women with prominent shoulders and gray wool pants. Do not miss the Frank Lyman dress sale.

Catherine Hepburn's suit
When a style is going to be pervasive in society, after the designer, some influential people make it normal in the eyes of the people of the society. The power of influential people in this field is very high.

When Coco Chanel, Marcel Rochas, and later other designers designed skirt and suit models for women, the popular actors of the era came to the fore. Katherine Hepburn was one the women who appeared in one of her films as a working woman in 1942 in a suit.

World War II is the beginning of the endless process of the suit

World War II is the beginning of the endless process of the suit

World War II was another reason for the trend of skirts and suits. Many men were involved in the war and women had to work for them.  Skirts and suits were the most comfortable clothes for work.

Before the war began in 1935, Levi’s had presented a design of its pants that was not welcomed. With the outbreak of war and the need for women in pants, Leviés was able to produce and sell its products in the form of women. Do not miss the Sympli clothing sale and have the best choice.

This trend continued among women until they were able to change their dress codes in the 1970s. Despite all this, there was still a lot of noise when Yves Saint Laurent designed a tuxedo for actor Nan Kempner. Some malls, such as restaurants, even prevented the arrival of Conner bread. Do not miss Gracia's clothing on sale.

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