How to dry clothes quickly?

How to dry clothes quickly?

Today, the concern of most people is drying clothes because most apartment houses do not have yards and balconies do not have enough space to dry wet clothes. There are times when you need clothes that you have just washed and are wet to go out.

Don't worry, you can use several methods to remove excess water and dry clothes faster. For example, by heating or spreading on the rope. Stay with Ziba couture to learn other ways to remove excess water from clothes and dry clothes quickly in this article.

Use a car dryer
If you have washed your clothes in the washing machine, you can use its dryer and easily deliver the clothes damp. The faster the clothes dryer spins, the more excess water is taken from the clothes, so the amount of moisture in the clothes goes back to the dryer's rotational energy.

Removing excess water from clothes manually
This is the same old method that we usually do after washing clothes by hand, that is, squeeze the wet clothes with your hands and twist the wet clothes as much as you can, in other words, wring the clothes to get the extra water inside. Of course, you should be careful not to pull the clothes too much because it will stretch the threads and make the clothes look out of shape. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Wrapping clothes in a dry towel
For this method, first, we have to spread a dry towel on a flat surface and then put the desired wet clothes on the towel, then we have to start rolling the towel from the bottom of the clothes and we do this till the end until we get a towel. On which we have placed the clothes to roll completely.

The pressure applied to the clothes by rolling the towel causes excess water to be removed from the clothes, which is absorbed by the towel. If your clothes are still damp with this method, but the towel is wet, you can use another dry towel. Method The thicker the towel, the more water it absorbs. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.


Drying clothes

After removing the excess water from the clothes, it is time to choose one of the methods of drying the clothes. There are several methods to dry clothes faster, which we will discuss below, but carefully examine these methods. Because choosing one of these clothes drying methods may affect your lifestyle and savings, so choose wisely. Buy your cheap women's pants with the best quality from the Ziba couture store.

Using a hair dryer to dry clothes quickly
One of the ways to increase the drying speed of clothes is to use a hair dryer. To benefit from this method, you must first take the water from the clothes so that it does not drip, then spread the wet clothes on a flat, dry and clean surface. 

We place it on the desired garment at the closest distance to the surface of the garment. In this part, you have to move the hair dryer on the clothes and draw it point by point, when it dries on the clothes, reverse it and run the hair dryer again. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale and have the best choice.

Using towels and irons to dry clothes quickly
In this method, we have to put the desired clothes on the ironing table in the way we want to iron them, then we have to put a thin dry towel on the clothes and then put the iron on the highest temperature and pull it firmly on the towel.

Should be done for both sides of the clothes and press the clothes with an iron until the heat of the iron reaches the entire surface.  Using a towel on the clothes in this method causes more heat to enter the surface of the clothes by the iron, on the other hand, it helps to absorb the moisture from the clothes, the presence of the towel acts as a thermal cover for your clothes, which in the result is drying clothes in a faster time.

If your clothes are damp, you can dry your desired clothes without using a towel and only with the help of an iron and at a low temperature that does not burn or damage the clothes. Buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off the sale.


Important tips for better results from quick-drying clothes

  • Do not leave a clothesline in your room to spread your wet clothes inside the room because this environment is more exposed to contamination and germs due to the movement of family members and also the closed space it has. If you don't have any other space and you have to spread your clothes in the room, it is better to leave the door and windows open to create airflow.
  • The best time to spread the clothes is early in the morning in the fresh and suitable air so that the clothes dry faster and better during the day. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online at the best price.
  • You can buy a heated clothesline and spread your clothes on it so your clothes will dry faster.
  • To spread clothes in the open air, it is better to spread your white and bright-colored clothes in the sun and your colored clothes in the shade.  Because over time, the sun may make the color of the clothes pale and brown.
  • To dry knitted and woolen clothes, gently squeeze out excess water and never hang them on a line because they will stretch and lose their shape, so you should spread them out on a flat surface in the open air to Dry over time.

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