How to make a stylish and different style with zap pants?

How to make a stylish and different style with zap pants?

Today, zap pants are a favorite of many people and there are many models in the women's, men's, and even children's sections. In this post, we will review the philosophy of zap pants as well as the tips that you should follow to wear them.

History of zap pants

Zap pants, which are one of the most popular models around the world today, have not always been so popular. In the 1970s, people were forced to wear torn clothes because of poverty because they could not afford new clothes. Maybe that's why older people can not consider a dress that has a hole or is torn as a fashionable item.

Zap became popular in the 1980s; When rock singers came in with torn pants and weird hairstyles, they showed off their talents. This changed people's minds about torn clothes. Of course, not all comments were positive.

As you know, fashion is always repeated. In 2010, zap became fashionable again, and this time it was designed by prominent costume designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and many others. Many celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, and even Megan Markle, also wear zap on the red carpet.

Types of zap pants

Types of zap pants

Finding the right zap pants is not easy; For example, if your pants have a lot of ripped, it looks like you came back from a war. Zap pants have different materials and models, the most popular of which is denim. Ordinary jeans are undoubtedly found in everyone's wardrobe. But Jane Zap is more of a favorite of the younger generation today. The most popular colors are light blue, dark blue, navy blue, and black.

The design of the pants is progressing according to fashion, and perhaps in previous years the model of the pants was just a simple pair of pants; But now, depending on the taste of the fashion designer and clothing manufacturers, the variety of models has increased.

For example, there may be geometric, floral, or other designs on pants. In some cases, parts of the pants even use pieces of another fabric that give it a different look.

There is also variation in the amount of ripper. Some zap pants are torn only at the knee; But many models have rippers under the knees, thighs, or even the back of the pants.

It is a matter of taste in which part of the pants there is a ripper. Boys' and men's zap are usually designed to be effective despite ripper. As a result, there is no need to worry about the foot being too large. Men's pants are mostly on the knee. This is in contrast to women's pants, where the zap can be seen above the knee and even behind the pants.

Which model should we choose?

Which model should we choose?

Which model and design you choose to wear depends entirely on your taste, but it is better to follow a series of tips to have a better style. Your clothes should look attractive without any effort.

If your clothes are too torn, it is as if you have removed them from thousands of old clothes and thousands of holes have been made in them. In addition, the more ripper you have, the more problems you have; Especially if you have a child or pet around you.

Skinny pants may have a lot of fans, but you should know that wearing tight-fitting pants is much harder than loose-fitting pants, and you should always worry about increasing the number of pants with each movement.

The first step in choosing zap pants is to know your body shape well and accept it. By knowing your body shape, you can find the right size for you. High crotch or short crotch, narrow or wide and it all depends on your taste. Choose pants that look your best and leave you with no worries.

How to set up zap pants?

How to set up zap pants?

As we have said, jeans are one of the most popular types of zap. No matter what the season, jeans are a great choice that you can set with anything. You do not need to wear jeans only when you want to walk around your house or during the weekend; If you choose the right options to set, you can also look very stylish with zap jeans.

Black zap pants are very popular among men and women. If the pieces are not too much, it looks more stylish than other colors. You can wear a ski collar and a formal jacket to create a stylish and functional style with it or set it with a blouse and wear it for your appointment.

If you are interested in more formal styles, you can pair your sweatpants with a blouse and high heels or wear them with a jacket and ankle boots. Wearing a dark t-shirt and jacket also makes men look attractive with zap. If you are a fan of sporty style, wearing your favorite zap pants with a hoodie or a leather jacket with a pair of white linen is a great option. Mum Fit and Mum Style zap give you more choices.

These are endless items and you can pair zap pants with lots of clothes; Blouses, T-shirts, single coats, leather jackets, high heels, sneakers, ankle boots, and…

What should we do to wash zap pants?

What should we do to wash zap pants?

There is no objection to zap being so popular, but the point is that ripped pants are more prone to damage than other pants, and you have to be very careful to wear and especially wash them. Here are some things you can do to extend the life of your pants.

  • Upside down
  • Do not wash it frequently
  • Spread them on a clothesline to dry
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Do not use bleach
  • Pay attention to the care tag of your pants


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