How to set a knitted jacket?

How to set a knitted jacket?

The knitted jacket is a classic and very practical autumn and winter dress and you can use it to create different and beautiful styles. These jackets are much more flexible than other knitwear. They can be used for both formal and informal occasions. That's why every person should have a jacket model in their wardrobe for cold days. However, if you have never worn a knitted jacket, you may be challenged when setting it up with other clothes. These jackets have many different models and it is not easy to set them. But do not worry, if you learn a few key points about buying a cheap knitted jacket online, you can easily create stylish and attractive styles through them. In today's article, we are going to explain these key points to you. Stay with us!

Step 1: Choose the right knitted jacket

First of all, pay attention to your body shape

knitted jackets have different models, sizes, heights, and sewing patterns. Each jacket model is suitable for one body shape and some models are not suitable and beautiful at all for somebody's shapes. That is why you should choose the model, sewing pattern, and height of your knitted jacket so that your body looks in good shape. For example, if you are thin and have a stretched waist, it is better to choose a tight jacket with a tight waist. A long, loose knitted jacket hides the shape of your body and makes you look slutty and ugly. If you are a gentleman, it is better to choose a jacket that is a little tight at the waist. This will make your knitted jacket look like a coat on your body.

First, start with a simple knitted jacket

First, start with a simple knitted jacket

A simple knitted jacket with a neutral color like black is a very practical outfit in every person's wardrobe. If you choose a simple jacket, you can set it with almost anything else in your wardrobe and create stylish and different styles (from sporty style to completely formal style). Try to choose your jacket from thin fibers like cotton so that you can easily wear it in all seasons.

For example, in summer you can wear a light cotton jacket over a short-sleeved T-shirt, and in winter you can use it as an extra layer of dress to keep your body warm.

Set your jacket so that if you get warm, you can take it off

Knitted jackets are very suitable for cool seasons such as spring and summer.  Because in these seasons, the weather is constantly cold and hot, and we get very confused when choosing clothes for the whole day. In this case, you can wear a thin knitted jacket that does not look fatter than normal, and also if you get hot, you can easily take it off. It is better to keep a thicker knitted jacket for the winter when the weather is colder.

knitted jackets are also a very stylish and functional dress that you can use for a semi-formal and office style. You can wear these jackets on a long-sleeved button-down shirt or a ski-collar blouse. If the fabric of your dress is patterned, it is better to choose a colorful and simple jacket so that your overall look does not look too crowded and sloppy.

To have an informal style, use a large and comfortable knitted jacket

To have an informal style, use a large and comfortable knitted jacket

Oversized knitted jackets are the best choice for cold days of autumn and winter. These clothes are not only very practical, but you will feel completely comfortable in them. It is best to use an oversized knitted jacket for an informal style. Just better remember: it is true that these jackets are loose and comfortable, and that is their nature, but this does not mean that you should choose their size too large. Because in this case, you will look like a slut.

One of the best models of these jackets is the Boyfriend jacket, which has a large size and an informal and elegant style. Its height is almost to the middle of the thigh, but it does not make you look like a slut at all. There are also models of oversized jackets that have no buttons and are open at the front. That's why you feel comfortable wearing them and creating an informal and stylish style.

Step 2: How to set a knitted jacket to have a stylish and feminine style Do not close the buttons of your knitted jacket

You can wear an interesting patterned T-shirt under your knitted jacket and open the buttons of your jacket to draw everyone's attention to your T-shirt. You can also choose a simple and colorful T-shirt; But if you want your style to go a little out of the ordinary, you can wear a striped or other patterned T-shirt under your jacket. This will create an informal and stylish style that will be complemented with a simple pair of jeans, skinny jeans, or leggings.

If you open the buttons of your jacket, you can use a beautiful necklace or scarf with it. It is a very practical style and enables you to spend a little creativity. For informal occasions, you can wear your knitted jacket with a pair of sneakers, and for formal occasions, you can set it with a pair of high and stylish heels.

If you want your dress to attract less attention, you can wear a simple knitted jacket to it

If you want your dress to attract less attention, you can wear a simple knitted jacket to it

If you feel that the dress you are wearing is too noticeable or too formal, you can wear a simple knitted jacket on it to make it look simpler. For example, if you are wearing a crowded patterned dress, you can wear a simple black knitted jacket to make it less noticeable. Also, if the pattern of your dress has sharp angles, you can wear a thin knitted sweater on it to make your dress look a little softer.

You can also turn your simple dress into a formal dress by removing the knitted jacket from a formal dress.

You can wear your knitted jacket alone

Many people think that a knitted jacket can only be worn on the dress, but it is not. If you choose the right model and pattern for sewing your sweater, you can wear it alone without a T-shirt or blouse underneath. To create a semi-formal and unique style, you can wear a thin and tight knitted jacket with a neutral color alone. If your jacket has a button up to the collarbone, it is better to leave the top button open to make it more comfortable and stylish.


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