How to set baggy pants?

How to set baggy pants?

Baggy pants are one of the most comfortable and attractive models that you can wear and be stylish in any season. The variety of their designs and colors has made every fashionable woman choose one of them according to her taste and have a special and unique type. It is enough to know the principles to set it, because if. Do not pay too little attention to how your appearance may look inappropriate.

One of the exciting features of the trousers skirt is that it is colorful. To look happy and lively, replace the happy colors with black and set it with a neutral white or colored dress.

Types of baggy pants

The width of this model of pants is very suitable for limbs with a slim torso, and you can even use light fabrics, large flowers, and warm colors to intensify this feature.

If you want to look taller with baggy pants, wear it in monochrome so that your shoes and shirt are the same color as your pants, and dark colors make you look slimmer and more compact.

Use cuts and vertical paths that cause the eye to move up and down and look taller.

Loose-fitting shorts create a horizontal line on the legs and shorten the height. This model is suitable for thin and tall people.

Set with clothes

Set with clothes

If you want to set a T-shirt or blouse with baggy pants, it is better to choose them tight to create a contrast between the two, also put the edge of the dress inside the waist of the pants to prevent sloppiness of your style.

Loose pants are one of the best options for summer, which creates a casual and informal style. You can wear it with an open-front coat and even a closed front. We suggest wearing large and cotton scarves, but in general, it is better to replace the scarf with a scarf.

The skirt of cotton pants with tunics of the same material makes you a cool and comfortable type.

Unlike T-shirts and short blouses, try to choose loose and oversized coats or shirts to match the baggy pants.

In the cold seasons of the year, this model of pants also has its fans, which is wonderful by combining the color spectrum of brown and gray; Gray fabric or hoodie or cream and baggy pants of the same color, with a long coat, handbag and heels are perfect for semi-formal situations.

The baggy pants are ideal for autumn and can be easily set with a ski collar blouse and thick textures. If you want to have a winter trousers skirt, it is better to choose wool and linen.

How to wear baggy pants with long coats?

As you know, long coats are one of the top fall/winter 2021 trends. This means that if you pair it with baggy pants, you will look stylish and informal without any special effort. Put your blouse or T-shirt inside your pants or wear a short blouse that is exactly up to your waist. You can even put a coat on your shoulders for a more trendy look.


How to wear baggy pants with an oversized sweater?

How to wear baggy pants with an oversized sweater?

  1. To have a special look, choose the color of your pants in a way that matches the colors of your sweater.
  1. Always choose short sweaters or put your loose sweater inside your pants.
  1. Having the appearance of a color of choice will be amazing.
  1. Try to wear your baggy pants with a sweater that is not too baggy.

How to wear baggy pants with a jacket?

I think this style is everyone's favorite because you can easily turn it into a stylish and informal formal type by using the right accessory. If you want to have a formal and business look, choose a short coat for your baggy pants or differentiate your waist by tying a belt on your long and baggy coat. Try to choose colors that complement each other and have the same tonnage. Also, to wear baggy pants with a casual coat, you can wear your baggy jeans with a tight blouse or T-shirt and put it inside your pants. By choosing shoes, your style will be complete. In the following, we will discuss how to choose shoes.

Choose the right shoes for baggy pants?

It gets a little difficult here because choosing the right shoes for your baggy pants can be a bit of a hassle. If you love casual outfits, do not procrastinate and wear linen with your baggy pants. You have the kind of comfort you want during the day. When it comes to looking a little professional and stylish, Stile high heels will be your best friend, Ankle Boot is also a good choice. You can also wear baggy pants with high heels.

How should slim women wear baggy pants?

How should slim women wear baggy pants?

Many petite women think that they can not wear baggy pants because it makes them look shorter, but this is far from the truth. All you have to do as a petite woman is follow the steps below to wear baggy pants in a great way.

  1. Be sure to choose baggy pants with a high crotch to show you taller.
  1. Choose high heels whenever you wear baggy pants.
  1. There are different models of baggy pants. Choose a model that is not too loose to prevent your height from looking short.
  1. Wear loose-fitting pants with a blouse, sweater, or t-shirt that is slightly tight, and avoid loose-fitting clothing.
  1. When you wear a jacket with baggy pants, the best look for you is a one-color style where all the clothes have colors close to each other.


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