How to set the color purple Everything about the color of 2022?

How to set the color purple Everything about the color of 2022?

Every year, as usual, the color of the year is announced by the Pantone Color Institute, and this year, for 2022, the color of the year was announced. The color of the year has a great impact on fashion and the choice of color of clothes, and those who are always sensitive in choosing fashion clothes help to choose the color of the year.

"Our use of color is directly related to the cultural spirit of us all," said Leatris Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. As we all discover a new future and look for opportunities to do something completely different. These are the colors that satisfy our desire to break boundaries.

"The same desire that is our keen need for vibrant creativity and unrestricted visual expression, and we are entering this time." The news is published on the website of the Pantone Color Institute. According to experts, this new spectrum of blue is a symbol of the spirit of the time and period of transition that humanity is experiencing.

The Pantone Color Institute of America has selected a new range of blue called PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri as the main color of 2022. Stay tuned to zibacouture.

What colors to set with purple clothes?
Purple is one of the colors that is usually preferred by many people for different seasons of the year. The purple color set never focuses on a particular season and, as usual, goes well with a wide range of colors.

Purple color set
Purple is one of the colors that fall into the category of secondary colors. This color can be obtained by combining two colors, red and blue. That purple color can be set well with the same colors. One of the most important colors that is chosen as a complement to purple is yellow. Of course, you can use a variety of purple spectrums to create a purple color set, which creates a very beautiful combination. Buy your favorite clothes from the Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

What does purple symbolize?

What does purple symbolize?

In psychology, light purple or lilac can be a symbol of love and peace, dark purple a symbol of sadness and indifference, and light purple a symbol of individuality and imagination. On the other hand, purple can be introduced as the color of holiness, kingship, value, and courage.

It is generally said that the personality of the color purple is such that people who like the color purple are described as almost selfish. The thinking and desires of others are by no means a priority for them and they only care about their desires.

In general, we can introduce pride as one of the worst personality traits in purple.  Of course, this does not mean that choosing purple always brings with it a hint of selfishness. These compliments are just a few of the definitions included in the purple personality.

In the purple color spectrum, violet or blue-purple has a tonnage of blue, and purple-purple is one of those colors that has a higher red tonnage. Do you see the lilac color that is taken from the magnolia flower, the same light wilt color called jasmine? Different shades of purple can be obtained by slightly increasing or decreasing one color or the tonnage of the color itself. This system can be very useful in creating a purple color set in fashion. The purple color set can be either monochrome from one of the purple color spectrum or it can be selected from different purple color spectrum.

The use of purple in clothing

The use of purple in clothing

Purple is one of the colors that is usually welcomed without even being trendy.  Purple is considered one of the most luxurious colors in the world, and in addition to being widely used in beautiful clothing sets, it can also be used in a variety of interior and exterior decorations and a variety of colors. Others do not choose the color of their clothes. Zibacouture is here so you can have a great choice with buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Positive associations
Purple is happy - strange and playful. This is about escaping from reality and magical photos. Purple often signifies independence. This color is often a sign of the integration of the material world with innovation. Purple is also associated with courage, and the purple heart is given to members of the armed forces who have been wounded on the line of duty. Professional uses of purple convey valuable and lofty goals.

Negative associations
Since purple lives in balance between red and blue, it can be considered an unstable and non-traditional color. Royal and ceremonial concepts can be made available to more democratic sensibilities. And purple can convey a sense of arrogance. Purple can be a little disturbing and therefore upsetting.

The psychology of purple

The psychology of purple

The effect of colors on the emotions of a subject is well established. Purple is a beautiful color to enjoy and is created from two wonderful colors, blue and red.  Purple is often associated with luxury, power, wisdom, creativity, and magic.  When you look at purple from a psychological point of view, it is a color that balances red and blue.

Red tends to intensify and energize, while blue tends to calm and stabilize; Together, they create the color purple, which is the perfect balance between the two. Just like other colors, there are different shades of purple and they can all have different meanings.

Light purple has feminine energy, light purple is associated with richness and privilege, and dark purple can be associated with sadness. So what are some of the most common associations of people's meanings with purple? Like many other colors, the emotions that purple evokes are often associated with cultural communities.

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