How to style fall and winter trend coats 2021-2022

How to style fall and winter trend coats 2021-2022

In recent years, the trend toward transgender style or masculine fashion has been significant for women. In this season, with the trend of new coat forms, this dress becomes more important for us. Coats can be used as high-performance clothing in various formal, office, and casual situations.

In the cold season, by observing the principles of styling, the use of this dress increases.  In this article, we are going to talk about the history of this dress for women, the fall and winter coat trends of 2021-2022, and how to style it based on this year's cold season trend and styling based on limbs.

The history of the use of suits for women
The first striking appearance of women in men's suits dates back to 1870.  It was a big scandal at the time when actress Sarah Bernhardt started wearing menswear in public.  But the controversy did not stop him from challenging himself.  In 1899, he played the lead role of Hamlet in the theater.

In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent created the le smoking tuxedo icon, designing women's tuxedos that were far ahead of their time.  Because many hotels and restaurants still did not allow women to enter because they wore this dress.  Have the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Acceptance of the suit as a social cover

Acceptance of the suit as a social cover

Between the 1980s and 1990s, with the increasing social and political presence of women, the suit was adopted as a social cover.  Sharp, square-edged shoulders were essential to show strength and equality through women's clothing.

The 1980s featured exaggerated fashion, large sizes, and exaggerated shoulder shapes. Men's suits for women were shown to express a woman's identity in the workplace with wide, square shoulders.

To reduce the masculine effect, these clothes were made of shiny and embroidered fabrics or large jewelry and raised sleeves to show the satin lining fabric and create a contrast with the original fabric, as an accessory in style. Do not miss Gracia clothing on sale.

During this decade, the presence of women in the workplace increased by 50%. The iconic effect of the suit as a dress to express power among women, from the collection of Giorgio Armani, a new look was created for women by designing a suit for women with androgynous shoulders in a large and square shape.  We suggest you do not miss Frank Lyman dresses sales and have the best choice.

Trends of autumn and winter coats 2021-2022
Oversized coats left over from last season's trend, along with new coat trends next season, will give our look a different color and shine.  These coats have been considered by fashion enthusiasts since the 80s with their large, square, and masculine silhouettes of clothes.  Short coats up to the hip line will continue next season.

In addition, the style of long coats with short coats under them or without short coats is another trend of the next season. Crop coats or very short coats up to the waist are also trendy for next season. Leather, denim, and fur coats are other trends in coats this year. You can safely buy cheap coats and jackets online from the Ziba couture store.

Styling coats with other clothes

Styling coats with other clothes

Long coats

Long coats or overcoats, along with midi pants or skirts, crop tops, buttoned shoes, and silk satin tops, create a stylish and beautiful style for you in formal situations.

Long coats or overcoats on short coats
Long coats or overcoats can be styled with shorter coats underneath, as well as pants with similar or dissimilar fabrics in terms of color and pattern.

Suitable pants for this look are straight pants or gaucho pants. For undergarments, plain or cotton men's shirts, polo shirts, ski collars, and sweaters can be set. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Fit and oversized suits, which were one of the most popular styles of the previous fashion seasons, will remain strong in the fashion world next season. The monochrome black, navy and brown suit style is also one the attractive autumn clothes.

These fancy coats, taken from men's coats of the '70s, can be used with flare pants or wide leg pants and oversized palazzo pants with a high crotch to compensate for the shortness of the upper body next season.

This suit is used alone or with knitted buttoned blouses and men's shirts.  Get your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

Today, the line between formal, formal, workwear, and business attire has blurred.  In the past, suits or blazers consisted of only a few specific colors, but these days, with a variety of color palettes, these clothes can be worn with little change on weekends and formal occasions or in the workplace.

Styling patterns together requires understanding the principles of pattern styling, which is described in detail in the article "How to style different patterns."

Styling patterns together requires understanding the principles of pattern styling, which is described in detail in the article "How to style different patterns."

Styling based on the design and color of the coat fabric

Styling based on the design and color of the coat fabric

Styling patterned coats

Next season, different patterns and graphics in the fabric of the coats will double the autumn style. These patterns can be seen on the coats in different designs, types of checkered patterns, geometric and graphic designs, jagging, animal skins, floral or floral, and so on.  Pattern selection is usually used as a set for a suit. Choosing a dress for a blouse coat can be used in a simple monochrome or patterned.

Color in the style of autumn and winter coats 2021-2022
Coats can usually be set in a variety of earthy tones from brown, yellow, white, and light gray to dark gray, black, lilac, French, brick, etc. in combination with other colors or monochrome.

The most complete colors for the autumn wardrobe are oversized gray coats in plain gray or plaid gray or blazer suits in blue and monochrome long coats with earthy to brown tones.

These clothes will give you dignity for different occasions of work environment or dinner parties in a restaurant. To have a feminine effect in this style, do not neglect the accessories. Do not miss the Sympli clothing sale.

How to style autumn and winter trend coats 2021-2022?
To have a casual and sporty style, style the oversized coats with a white t-shirt and a sneaker.  In addition, pair a classic coat with shorts, a midi skirt or short skirt, and a short shirt with boots.

You can also use a variety of colored fabrics and large colored patterns to have a bold style to have a casual casual style.  At night parties, to have an attractive and seductive look, wear crop coats in combination with different fabrics for skirts or pants, or set the suit with guipure and satin silk crop tops.

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