How to style several dress pattern? (Trend of next season dress)

How to style several dress pattern?

We remember that in the past, using several fabric designs or several dress pattern in one style was not accepted, but these days, it has become one of the creative and attractive trends in the fashion world. The use of patterned fabrics and clothes reduces the simplicity of your style. Although overuse of plain fabrics with neutral colors may seem boring, patterned fabrics in clothing give color and effect to your style. At first glance, styling two fabric designs in one look may seem simple, but if you do not follow the basic principles, it can make your style crowded, ugly, and heterogeneous.


The combination of several dress pattern is part of the visual style. This is a style that is created in praise of color and design and has the inherent ability to combine and coordinate colors, patterns, and textures. This style, which shows courage in fashion, is strange, interesting and fun, and draws attention to itself.

In this article, we are going to examine the principles and how to set two types of fabric designs in terms of style and beauty, even with cheap dresses cheap. First, we will examine the types of clothing patterns and the most basic fabric designs, and then we will examine the principles of setting a designer fabric in one style, choosing different sizes of a pattern, the importance of color, and accessories in a style with several patterns.

The first point is that seeing and being inspired by style with different pattern designs in the clothes of celebrities, bloggers, and influencers is the best way to learn this technique in style.

Some basic prints will help you style better. This type of print can be easily combined with other fabric designs.

All kinds of dress pattern

All kinds of dress pattern

Striped design, checkered design, ball or dotted design, floral design, geometric design, graphic design, animal skin design that we will explain in detail.

One of the most important and basic patterned fabrics: striped clothing pattern

Striped fabric or clothing; One of the first and most basic simple patterns is to mix patterned fabric. This type of design can be combined with almost any other pattern. Because it is considered a neutral state in the fabric design. You can style it with a variety of striped, checkered, floral, ball, leopard, and geometric patterns. If you have trouble choosing a stripe design for your upper body and lower body, you can choose one vertically and one horizontal.  For example, use a horizontal upper body and a vertical plane for the lower body.

Checkered dress pattern

Checkered cloth; Another pattern that most of us have in our wardrobe is a piece of this type of fabric. One way to style this type of fabric is to use another plaid with a finer pattern than the first type. If your plaid fabric is multi-colored, use a different plaid design with contrasting colors. The best case for this type of set is to use different sizes in two checkered fabric designs.  With the checkered design, you can use striped, checkered, and geometric designs.

 Dress Pattern of the ball or dotted

This fabric design in clothes has been one of everyone's favorite designs since childhood. Ball design is one of the most interesting types of clothing patterns to coordinate with other designs. You can style this fabric with other sizes of ball design in the same color or with opposite colors. Also, this fabric design can be coordinated with the corrugated design in different sizes. The ball fabric design can also be combined with floral fabric.

Floral pattern

Floral pattern

Floral fabric design is one of the trends that returns to the world of fashion every few years. This design is one of the most diverse types of fabric designs. Set this fabric design with striped fabric, which is the best type of style for two fabric designs together. In addition, you can style this fabric design with a ball pattern, animal pattern, and checkered

Principles of setting different patterns in one style Choosing different sizes of one pattern for two pieces of clothing

One of the first principles of setting different designs in one style is to wear pattern designs together and create contrast along with creativity. Therefore, one of the ways to use the designs is to use a large design next to the small design of the same pattern, for example, a large ball design next to a small ball design, or a wide corridor next to a narrow corridor.  You can also mix two basic designs.

The importance of dress pattern color in style

Another principle of combining different patterns in one style is to use a color family, as long as the prints have at least one common color, they can be more easily coordinated with each other. The combination of fabrics of different colors that are not similar conveys a sense of clutter, tastelessness, and disharmony.

To style patterned clothes, use striped or ball designs as a solid color. See the white and blue corridor design as pale blue, or see the white and black corridor as gray.  So you can use them with a pattern design that usually matches these colors.

One of the least risky combinations of different fabric designs is the use of black and white clothing patterns. If you are using a fabric with a crowded design, choose another design that is simpler and has fewer colors in harmony with the crowded pattern.

One of the easiest ways to use patterned fabrics is to choose one from a brand because usually, brands choose a specific and few color collections for each season, and it makes it easier for you to set different patterns.

An accessory in style with different patterns

An accessory in style with different patterns

If you want to stay monochrome, choose a dress pattern with the same color tonnage, but use accessories with bold colors for more shine. For example, for the whole outfit, use black and white and an accessory in red or yellow for more attractiveness.

If your whole style is patterned, choose a simple accessory. This will make your style combination more cohesive and will not look uncoordinated. But if one of the pieces is patterned and the other is simple, you can use patterned accessories that match the patterned piece of clothing and the color of your simple dress.

Shoes suitable for styling with different pattern designs should be chosen with neutral colors or in proportion to at least one of the colors used in the patterned fabric of the dress.

Combining two patterned clothes with non-patterned clothes

An easy way to match two fabric designs in one style is to use a coat or top with a neutral, contrasting color or one of the colors used in patterned fabrics. This piece of clothing covers most of the surface of your underwear and creates a stunning style for you by creating integration.

Now, knowing these principles and being inspired by the style of celebrities, you can use clothes with different designs in one style and look creative and attractive. The combination of patterned pieces shows your high self-confidence and variety.


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