How to take care of all kinds of knitwear?

How to take care of all kinds of knitwear

It is very important to take Knitwear dresses care such as cheap coats and jackets; Because if they are not well maintained, they will quickly deteriorate and deform. By following a few simple tips, you can prevent your knitwear from breaking down. Therefore, we suggest that you stay with zibacouture until the end of this article to get acquainted with simple but important tips on how to take Knitwear dresses care, and your clothes will remain new and usable for a long time.

Tips for Knitwear dress care
Keep in mind that such clothes should have a strong texture, so do not buy a dress with a weak texture because it may quickly lose its shape and deform. Do not hang knitwear, we have to fold them to preserve their texture.

If the texture of your clothes is damaged, it is better to fix it faster, because it may open more and other clothes will not come to the cartoon. To make your clothes always fragrant, you can use small packages of lavender in your wardrobe.

Also, when winter is over and you want to collect winter clothes, be sure to wash them first and make sure they are dry, then proceed to collect them. You can put some soap in the middle so that the clothes do not spoil.

If your closet is made of cedarwood, do not put woolen clothes and fabric inside, because this material damages the fibers of woolen clothes.

Take Knitwear dresses care with proper washing
These models of clothes, due to their special fibers, if they are washed with enzymatic detergents, will quickly damage the fibers of the clothes and ruin your clothes. The best detergent for washing knitwear is dishwashing liquid or mild shampoos.

Be sure to turn it completely to wash the woolen garment and fasten the zipper and button so that your clothes do not get tied.

Use the washing machine to wash woven clothes

Use the washing machine to wash woven clothes

The detergent you use for the washing machine should be gentle and free of enzymes. It is also better to wash your clothes by hand, but you can also use a washing machine. However, to put clothes in the washing machine, it is better to put the clothes in a woven package so that they do not come into contact with other clothes.

If your washing machine has special settings for woolen clothes, use it and put the machine in handwashing mode; If your washing machine does not have these settings, it is better to keep the speed at the lowest possible level so as not to damage the clothes. You can also use a fabric softener to prevent shaving.

When the laundry is done, do not use the washing machine dryer and gently press the laundry to remove excess water, spread it on a clean towel, and roll the laundry with the towel.

Do not hang the knitwear at all when you wash it, because the wool becomes heavy when it is wet and loses its shape. It is better to spread the clothes horizontally on a dry towel and let them dry with the normal flow of air in the house.

Washing woven clothes by hand
For Knitwear dresses care with delicate texture, it is better to wash them by hand.  For this reason, try the following method to wash these clothes:

Fill a saucepan with lukewarm water and pour in some mild detergent-free detergent. Check the amount of water and detergent with the tips on the package.

After washing, wash the clothes with lukewarm water and then spread them horizontally on a dry towel to dry.

What to do if our Knitwear Dresses Wrinkles?
Sometimes knitwear wrinkles; To remove wrinkles from textured clothes, you can place the iron on the steam level and remove the wrinkles from the clothes with the help of remote steam.

If your clothes are very wrinkled, it is better to wet a white cloth a little, put it on this type of clothes and iron on that white cloth so that your clothes will not be damaged.

Our knitwear is fluffy, what do we do now?

Our knitwear is fluffy, what do we do now?

If your woolen garment is fluffy, you can use several methods to repair it:

One of the best ways to get rid of lint is to use a brush-shaped tool that you can get from various stores.

Use adhesive tape
Glue a strip of tape on your hand so that the adhesive part is facing out, now apply it on the clothes so that the villi sticks to the glue and gets rid of them.

shaving machine
Spread the clothes and drive on the lint with the machine to remove them.

Disposable razor
Use the same conditioner to remove lint on woolen clothes, like when you apply Gillette on your skin. You just have to be careful and do all these things very calmly and slowly so that, God forbid, the condition of your clothes does not get worse!

Knitwear dresses care

Knitwear dresses care

Sometimes your clothes are pulled somewhere and you see a series of small holes on your clothes. If these holes are not too big, you can fix them with a simple method.

Turn your clothes over and iron the damaged part so that the fabric texture is in one direction. Now, cut two small squares with adhesive tape and stick them on that part. Now wet that part with a first spray and spread a clean cloth on that part. Next, leave the iron at a very low temperature only on the damaged part. Finally, turn the clothes over and iron that part to eliminate the small hole.

In this article, we tried to talk about what might happen to knitted clothes, and we also considered a solution for it. On the other hand, we also stated the correct principles for washing woven clothes. We hope that by following these tips, your clothes will never be damaged and you will be safe.

Finally, as you know, fabrics are sensitive clothes and Knitwear dresses are very important so that your clothes do not spoil quickly and do not fall out of shape. For this reason, you should do the least damage to the fabric when storing and washing these clothes. Take good care of your clothes. The woven garment can no longer be worn if it is loose or its fabric is damaged and you have to put it aside. You dear ones can buy cheap coats and jackets online from zibacouture.

In hot seasons such as spring and summer, it is better to fold winter clothes and put them in the closet, and use a little naphthalene so that the clothes do not spoil. To buy woven and woolen clothes, you can search the internet to find all the beautiful models and get ideas for setting them. There are many online stores that you can use to buy knitwear. This way you both save time and easily get the clothes in your home.


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