Important tricks for recognizing good fabric

Important tricks for recognizing good fabric

It may have happened to all of us that we want to go to a party or an important meeting and we have a problem in choosing the fabric of the dress that we want or the fabric that we want to give to the tailor to sew the clothes and we could not distinguish the fabric well.

In other words, we can not recognize the quality of the fabric, and in some cases, we may even make the wrong choice and not choose the best fabric and the fabric we choose may not be of good quality. Due to the fact that there are different ways to discover the fabric and its quality, for this reason, we at zibacouture want to introduce you to how to recognize fabrics and their quality, so stay tuned to zibacouture.

Place the fabric in front of the light
To quickly detect the quality of the fabric, hold it against the light.  The thicker it is and the harder the light passes through, that is, the fabric you are holding; is better.

Know the fabric from the degree of ironing
Another way to check the fabric and its quality are to look at the degree of ironing temperature that is recommended for ironing the fabric. It is usually the case that fabrics of weak material are recommended to use low temperatures to iron them to prevent damage to the fabric texture.

There are different types of temperatures used to iron the fabric, which indicate the type of fabric well, these types of temperatures are:

Grade 1: Poor grade
Cellulose and synthetic fabrics, which are the result of chemical interactions and include jersey, polyester, Panama, and flamenco fabrics, fall into this category because these types of fabrics shrink at high temperatures.

To increase the life of the fabric, it is recommended to use low ironing temperatures to iron this type of fabric when it wrinkles. Other features of the fabrics that fall into this category include high durability, washability, and high coverage.

Another type of temperature we see after the low temperature is rayon. This type of ironing temperature is suitable for fabrics that have synthetic fibers with natural fibers and a combination of both.

One of the characteristics of the fabrics that fall into this group and includes different types of fabrics is their ease of cutting and sewing compared to the first group. The most famous fabrics in this group are Tetron fabrics.

Grade 3: Triline - Leonardo

Triline - LeonardoTriline - LeonardoTriline - LeonardoTriline - Leonardo

The third degree used in the temperature of the irons is the third degree, Trillin-Leonardo.  This degree of ironing is suitable for silk fabrics. As the name implies, this type of fabric is made from threads that silkworm throws around. Have the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

The most popular fabrics in this category are chiffon, satin, organza, and crepe jujube. Among the characteristics of this type of fabric, we can mention such things as its strength, durability, and softness. By buying cheap women's pants to get up to 70% off sale.

Also, this type of fabric needs more precision and elegance in sewing, cutting, and ironing, and all kinds of clothes made from this type of fabric are suitable for cold and hot weather. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Crumpling the fabric
The next test you can do to determine the quality of a fabric or garment is a crumpling test. Hold a piece of cloth in your fist and press for a few seconds and release the cloth. If the fabric quickly returns to its original state and does not wrinkle.

This means that this fabric is worth buying and has a high quality. Of course, the nature of some fabrics is such that they look wrinkled and crumpled for more beauty, so consider this as well.

Needle part of the fabric
There are several ways to identify the type of fabric burning, but note that some fabrics are non-flammable, so this method can not be used in the face of such fabrics.

Here are three ways to burn the fabric.

The first way: the yarn is shot
Another recommended way to identify fabric is to burn a small piece of cloth. To do this, cut a small piece of fabric, and bring the fabric close to the flame to light it slightly.

But if, after igniting the fabric, the fabric burns completely and becomes powder, it means that the fabric is made of natural fibers. In addition, the yarns that remain from the synthetic fibers after burning become stiff, nylon, and spherical, but the yarns are very gray after the flame is extinguished.

The second way: burning paint

The second way: burning paint

When burning fabric, the color of the burning smoke can be determined by the color of the fabric, for example, when burning polyester fibers, black smoke is released into the space, and in fabrics made of cotton, the smoke from burning them is white.

Stretch the fabric
A quality product will always retain its shape. With both hands, pull a piece of clothing in the opposite direction and then release it. If it retains its shape after release and returns to its previous state, it is a sign of fabric quality. You can do this test for skirts or shirts.

Pay attention to the label on the clothes or fabric
Natural fabrics made from cotton, silk, and wool are much more durable than synthetic fabrics. However, clothes made from 100% natural yarn can deform quickly after washing. For this reason, it is appropriate to choose a garment (5-30%) that is made of synthetic fabrics (viscose, polyester, nylon, etc.). Do not miss the Sympli clothing sale.

Fabric luster
Another way that we want to mention in this article to recognize the quality and material of the fabric is the luster of the fabric. For example, if you place fabrics with synthetic fibers in the sun in this way, you will notice that these fabrics have an undesirable kind of radiance.

In some cases, cotton fabrics have a luster because they combine with caustic soda, but their luminosity is such that it can be easily recognized, and this luminosity is desirable.

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