Introducing cowboy style + History

Introducing cowboy style + History

A Cowboy style in which suede jackets with leather beards, western leather boots, hats, and ponchos are used. This style has been used to make many famous movies and series.

This issue has made this style one of the most influential styles in the world of art to date, which can be seen in the world of fashion and fashion in addition to cinema and literature. But that doesn't mean you have to dress like a 1980s cowboy. Rather, in this article, we will introduce the components of the western style so that you can use it as an attractive style by combining western details.

Cowboy history
The origin of the cowboy style can be called the country of Spain. Cowboy or Western is not only a style of clothing but culturally in Spain, it is considered a way of life and behavior, which can be easily seen as the old lotis of Tehran. Considering that the initial origin of this style was formed in Spain, but after some time it became popular in America. So before the 19th century, the largest population of cowboys was based in Spain.

Until the late 1800s, Mexican cowboys migrated west. These Mexican cabooses formed a large population in the West and had a different style than the Spanish caboose. Gradually and after spending some time, the cowboy style spread rapidly in America. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Cowboy style accessories
Like other styles, cowboy, cowgirl, or western styles have very special accessories that somehow show the identity of these styles. As you may have noticed, cowboy or horse riding hats are known as one of the most important accessories of this style. However, according to the cowboy style, the hat is not only an accessory but an identification card and an inseparable part of this style.

There is not much difference between women's and men's hats of this style, and it is a brimmed hat, the reason for creating these wide brims is to prevent sunburn. Because most of the time, cowboys were busy working and grazing their cattle on the plains and agricultural fields, they used wide clothes for these hats to prevent sunburn caused by strong sunlight.

Cowboy hat. It has black, brown, cream, camel, and different tones of these colors and white, and sometimes it has embroidery for women. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Patterned neckerchiefs with usually happy colors are considered other accessories of this style, which are tied around the neck in a patterned manner. These neck scarves are also used as sweat absorbents in the heat of the desert while riding horses. The variety of accessories in this style is limited and it is limited to a neck scarf, belt with big buckles, and the same important things.

Cowboy style boots

Cowboy style boots

When hearing the name and style of the cowboy, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of natural leather, brimmed and wide Spanish hats, which originate from the Spanish cowboys, and the famous leather boots that have been seen at least once in all western movies and cowboys. It is important. It means the same star-shaped metal piece that is usually used on the back of these boots.

The birth certificate and the main part of the cowboy style are the hats and leather boots. There is not much difference between the two for women and men, and sometimes there may be more decorations on the boots for women, which include embroidery and cuts on the boots. We suggest you not miss the Sympli clothing sale.

Other features of these boots are leather, as mentioned, and they are often cut in brown color, pointed or square toe and heel, long and free, and the heel varies between 3 and 5 cm. Cowboy boots also have a guard that covers the leg of the boot.

But the purpose of using these protectors is the greater resistance of leather compared to linen during riding, heavy agricultural and livestock work, as well as protection against thorns. Cowboy boots are also used by the general public with a combination of fashion and special decorations and designs. Don't miss the Frank Lyman dress sale and have the best choice.

Cowboy style pants
Another important part of the cowboy style can be considered its wide-leg pants. Since cowboys were mostly ranchers, they had woolen pants using the wool of their animals. But with the discovery of linen, their pants were changed to linen or denim because they were lighter and cooler than wool. Get your cheap women's pants with up to 70% off the sale.

Cowboy pants are usually straight or have a noticeable wideness from the knee to the heel, and their color varied from brown and cream-colored linens and even blue denim and salted stone. Women's pants did not differ from men's except for the embroidery decorations, which again made the difference between women's pants and pants.

The cowboy style has another pants model that is a kind of protection, in the way that they wear it over their main pants. These pants do not have a crotch and actually protect the legs and are mostly made of leather. Buy your cheap dresses online safely at the best price from the Ziba couture store.

Cowboy shirt

Cowboy shirt

The main part of every style is the shirt, but what are the characteristics of a cowboy-style shirt? The fabrics used in this shirt were usually linen and denim. The colors were like the colors of cowboy hats and sometimes four-house fabrics were also used.

But today, the variety of fabrics has increased greatly and by respecting the decorations of the cowboy shirt, they have turned it into a modern style. But what are these decorations and features?  The shirts have long sleeves and buttonholes, there are cuts and decorations on the chest part of the dress, and this cut is also on the top and back of the dress.

Today, these shirts have embroidered decorations, a combination of durang fabrics, leather and suede embroideries, and decorative beards, and these roots can also be seen in suits. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale and have the best choice.

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