Know the basics of mountaineering clothing

Know the basics of mountaineering clothing

Today, everyone turns to nature and mountaineering to get rid of the tensions of the digital world. How much do you know about the world of mountaineering? You know that one of the prerequisites for entering the world of mountaineering is proper clothing and how dangerous its absence can be.

For some people, choosing a mountaineering outfit may be one of the hardest things in the world! Because at the same time, they should choose clothes that are safe, appropriate to the anatomy of their body, and do not deprive them of freedom of movement during activity. It seems impossible to have all these features without having the knowledge and knowledge of the subject. But we are simply trying to explain this information and increase your awareness in this regard. Do not forget that mountaineering clothing, like all its equipment, is so effective that choosing the wrong one can have a significant impact on your health.

Mountaineering clothing category
Due to the wide range of mountaineering clothing, we want to examine them from several angles. A general overview of mountaineering clothing can be seen as most people are familiar with:

  • Lower body
  • Upper
  • Lateral clothing

Lower body mountaineering clothing
Lower body clothing, as its name implies; They are clothes that cover the lower body and legs of people. Examples of these products include pants, shorts, and even women's mountaineering skirts, which is the world of mountaineering pants, a world of many details and models. For example, you often hear the famous three-season pants from mountaineers. You can wear these pants on many days of the year according to the program and climate of the region.

Of course, the importance can not be ignored, because you know that the mountains and heights are indescribably cold, and in such conditions, you must provide more complete protection.

Of course, you should be more careful in choosing lower body mountaineering clothing, because in choosing upper clothing, you have more maneuverability and you can experience wider layering; But in the Lower body, the choices are more limited. So be obsessed with your choice!  We suggest you buy your favorite clothes from the Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

Upper mountaineering clothing

Upper mountaineering clothing, the types of which are obvious to everyone, is of great importance. From shirts and T-shirts to types fall into this category. Other Upper garments include Windstopper, whose presence is important when needed and can change the quality of your plans.

Lateral clothing
Lateral clothing mountaineering has many details, each of which has a responsibility during mountaineering, which also protects you. Among these Lateral mountaineering clothes, we can mention all kinds of mountaineering hats, including winter hats, all kinds of socks, scarves, headbands, the presence of each of which can bring you comfort.

Choose mountaineering clothes in different seasons of the year
We are often asked questions that go beyond getting tips on wearing layers of mountaineering clothing and want to tell them exactly what to wear!  But please keep in mind that the cover is not the same in all situations, and only by learning the science of this subject can you understand what the right cover is in each situation!  We suggest you do not ignore it. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - zibacouture.

What is the right mountaineering clothing for spring?
Spring is known for its sudden rains. So if you are planning to climb in spring, never forget waterproof shoes and clothes! You know that staying dry is very important in mountaineering; So you can always put your mountaineering poncho at the most accessible point of your backpack so that you are not surprised by the sudden rain. Imagine putting your poncho on the back of your backpack. Now, until you find your poncho, as the saying goes, you will become a water mouse!

It does not matter how good the weather looks. Be aware that the first three months of the year are still cold. You will need warmer clothes, especially at high altitudes. So in layering your mountaineering clothes, in addition to covering for the hot hours of the day, also consider a layer for the sudden spring cold. You do not need to bring heavy jackets, but you will need a heating pad. Have the best choice with buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

The presence of pests in the spring can not be denied! So be sure to remember gloves and hats that can protect you. Some sun hats even have anti-insect technologies that keep them away from you. Were you aware of these models? There are many dangers in the spring and knowing them can help prevent problems.

Proper coverage of mountaineering clothing in summer

Proper coverage of mountaineering clothing in summer

You may think that winter is the most important season in which mountaineering clothing is especially important, but we have to tell you that summer mountaineering clothes will be one of your most important choices that will affect your health. If you have not already paid attention to this issue, we must warn you not to underestimate the sunburn in the mountains! The sun causes serious damage to the health of your skin. Sunglasses, pants or shorts, socks, sunglasses, long-sleeved T-shirts, scarves, sandals, and sunscreens are the most important elements that should be used in summer. So before moving, be sure to check the presence of these accessories in your backpack.

You will want to wear shorts or a T-shirt on hot days of the year, but we suggest that you use shorts so that if the sun is hot, your skin will not be damaged and you will need pants or a long-sleeved blouse for your skin when needed. The importance of this issue may be underestimated, and many people are more in favor of short-sleeved blouses and shorts due to their body heat.  But the health of your skin is more valuable than these professions, so be sure to protect it. Due to the activity of the body, you start sweating and at high altitudes the possibility of wind is high.  So it does not matter what season of the year it is.

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