Learn tips and how to iron clothes from beginner to professional

Learn tips and how to iron clothes from beginner to professional

Ironing clothes is one of the tasks that require a lot of time and it may be difficult for you to do, but if you learn the correct way to iron clothes, it will be fun for you and you can get your clothes in the shortest possible time. Iron and create a pleasant feeling by wearing non-wrinkle and regular clothes.

In this part of zibacouture, we have brought tricks for easy ironing of clothes so that you can iron your clothes without spending much time.

Follow these tips before ironing clothes

Set the Ironing temperature:
Before turning on the iron, set the temperature to its lowest setting, because you have to start ironing with fabrics that need the lowest temperature. Then set the desired temperature for each fabric.

Prepare the Ironing table:
The height of the ironing table should be 90 cm, make sure that the height of the table is better proportional to your height so as not to put pressure on your joints. It is better to cover the ironing table with several layers of cloth.

Spread a clean cloth under the ironing board so that the ends of the clothes do not touch the ground when ironing.

Put a damp, cotton cloth next to you:
To iron some clothes, you need to spread a cloth on them so that the direct heat of the iron does not damage your clothes, so always have a clean, relatively damp cotton cloth in your hand before ironing. After reading this article, we suggest you choose your favorite clothes from the Joseph Ribkoff boutique safely.

Useful and practical tutorials for ironing clothes

Pay attention to the fabric:
Before ironing, pay attention to the fabric because each fabric has its ironing method. If you do not pay attention to the method of ironing each fabric, your clothes will burn, wrinkle or shine due to burns, so before ironing, separate your clothes according to their gender.

Prevent clothes from sparking:

Prevent clothes from sparking

To prevent your clothes from sparkling and water droplets from staining them, do not iron the clothes directly always put a thin and clean cotton cloth on the clothes and then iron the clothes.

To prevent the clothes from sparking, you should always iron them gently, but if the clothes sparkle on your clothes, remove them with a damp cloth.

Be careful not to put delicate fabrics in direct contact with the iron and place a damp cloth between the surface of the iron and the garment.

Black clothes shine faster than other clothes. To fix this defect, pour three tablespoons of vinegar into a liter of water and soak a soft brush in it and rub it on the clothes with a cloth. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Better and easier training for ironing wrinkled clothes:
If the clothes stay on the strap for a longer period, ironing will become difficult for you due to the loss of moisture. Therefore, in these cases, it is better to put these clothes in the refrigerator for an hour or more to make them easier to iron, so that they absorb the necessary moisture and are easy to iron.

Eliminate metal rust stains while ironing
To remove metal rust stains such as clothesline nails or metal springs from clothespins, add some salt to lemon juice, then soak the stain in it, and after an hour, rinse it well. Have the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

A trick to reduce ironing time:
To make ironing clothes less time-consuming, place a piece of foil under the fabric of the ironing board to transfer the heating foil so that such fabric or clothes can be seen from both sides of the iron and they will be ironed faster and better.

Repairing clothes while ironing:

Repairing clothes while ironing

Place thread, needle, and scissors next to the ironing board to repair any spotted spots on clothes while ironing. Buy your cheap women's pants with the best brand from Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

The correct way to iron clothes:
Iron clothes in the bedroom so you can use the bed to put clothes and access the wardrobe and hangers.

As we said, iron the clothes that need a lower temperature for ironing first and then the clothes that need a lot of heat.

If you have washed the surface of the ironing board, place the damp cloth on the ironing board to dry.

When ironing the stretched parts, keep the clothes on the other side of the ironing board and away from you.

Iron the clothes with a cloth so that your clothes do not stretch.

To iron clothes, first, open the seams of the clothes from behind and iron them.

If you do not have a special board for ironing the sleeves, to prevent wrinkles, before ironing, insert a towel into the sleeves or cover the tubular cardboard with a cloth and put it inside the sleeves so that no wrinkles remain on them.

To prevent the collar, hem, and sleeves from wrinkling, iron them from the back and then iron the folds from the front of the edge in the middle of the crease.

Iron matte clothes on the inside and shiny clothes on the outside.

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To iron wet acrylic knitwear, press the iron to dry the garment. After the ironed parts have cooled completely, move them on the ironing board because moving the iron on these garments. When they are hot and wet, it causes the clothes to stretch, and lose their shape and form.

Never iron velvet fabrics and garments, and if the velvet wrinkles, first hold the iron on top of the fabric so that the steam reaches everywhere, then flatten it with the palm of your hand without burning it while it is still damp.

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