Reasons to shop Canadian Made Clothing

Reasons to shop Canadian Made Clothing

Modern means of manufacturing have made clothing choices limitless. Fashion is often a matter of personal style and achieving a certain aesthetic. Although, in the last few decades, fast fashion made from sweatshop labor has become more prevalent in the marketplace. Clothing made that way is not only unethical, but it is often poorly constructed using cheap materials that won’t last long. It’s having many consumers looking locally for fashion that is ethically made with high-quality materials and constructed well.

Here are some of the benefits you will notice once you start buying Canadian-made clothing:

Support Yourself

Several studies have shown that buying from an independent, locally-owned business, rather than a national or internationally-owned business, much more of your money is used to purchase from other local companies. This strengthens the economic base of your community, providing better and more stable jobs for the business you supported and the community as a whole.

Be Unique

Local Canadian designers can offer unique styles that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only can you embrace a unique style, but your clothing is also a reflection of the area. One of a kind shops and boutiques that offer interesting locally made products are excellent for tourism.

Better Jobs

In the clothing industry, the only jobs available are not just sewing positions. Designers need help with marketing, production, sourcing materials, pattern making, sales, and distribution as well as bookkeepers and accountants. By buying from your favorite Canadian designer, you are supporting them directly and all of the companies they use to run their business.

Reduce the Environmental Impact of your Clothing

Canadian made clothing products often have a transparent production line. If you talk to the designer or studio directly, you can often find out where each button and swatch of fabric came from. When shopping with large corporate retailers who outsource materials and labor, it can be challenging to track down where and how the fabric was made. This is because often overseas factories will contract garments to another factory to make them cheaper and faster. This is prevalent in fast fashion chain stores where the prices are lower but at an unethical cost.

There is very little done to hold large companies accountable. This leads to polluting rivers with dye and contaminants from production getting released into the environment. Few laws are in place to prevent pollution from cloth mills overseas. Because locally owned businesses tend to make more local purchases that require less transportation, they produce less pollution and give make to the community. This generally means contributing less to congestion, sprawl, habitat loss and pollution.

Better Service and Personal Attention

Local designers take the time to get to know their clients and offer personal touches that you won’t find at the chain stores. They can hem your pants before shipping, take in a dress to better fit you or use your input to develop future styles.

Made in Canada clothing offers a personal touch to your wardrobe and benefits your local community. To look stylish and make more ethical purchases, shop Ziba Couture. We have a wide variety of styles to suit any occasion sourced from Canadian designers.

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