Sorting the wardrobe with some simple and practical tricks

Sorting the wardrobe with some simple and practical tricks

Tidying up the wardrobe or, for example, tidying up the toilet table is one of those things that when done gives a person a great sense of joy and pleasure. It is a great feeling to see clothes that are best arranged or hung together according to height and color or to see jewelry boxes that are neatly placed together.

Almost most people like their wardrobe to always be clean and tidy, but at the same time, everything is handy. Now how can this goal be achieved? There are several steps to this that if you follow, you will almost always have a well organized wardrobe.

Everything you need to organize your wardrobe
Before taking any action to organize the closet, you should see if you have the necessary tools and equipment or not. Before introducing the necessary items, it is better to remind that it takes a lot of time to organize your wardrobe. So, please don't do this after a working day or during the week; Choose a day off when you have slept well and had enough rest for this purpose. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

To be able to maintain the order and organization of the wardrobe forever, you need to have tools at your disposal. We have listed below all the things that will bring you closer to this goal. You can get them or make or sew them yourself based on your budget or creativity. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Organizer baskets and boxes
To organize the accessories, ornaments, and other small things that can be found in every wardrobe, you need to designate a specific place. For example, you can buy ready-made organizer boxes in different sizes. Or you can buy small plastic drawers, file drawers, parts boxes, or small plastic drawers.

But if you don't plan to spend a lot, you can use shoe boxes or any thick and strong box you have at home for this purpose. Even inexpensive plastic kitchen baskets are great for this purpose. It is enough to buy square models in desired colors and arrange your trinkets in them in order. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale and have the best choice.

Vacuum bag for organizing the wardrobe

Vacuum bag for organizing the wardrobe

What is a vacuum bag? Plastic bags are made of PVC, with the help of which you can reduce the volume of clothes by 70%. How? By vacuuming the bag with the help of a home vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum bags are available in the market in various sizes that you can get from online stores or plastic stores. These bags are in such a way that you put bulky clothes such as jackets or overcoats inside it, pull the zipper of the bag, then from the place marked on the bag, use a vacuum cleaner to pull the air inside the bag to make the bag smaller and smaller.

With these bags, you can even vacuum blankets and sheets so that they take up less space in the closet. Vacuum bags are very suitable for storing seasonal clothes. Because in addition to reducing the volume of clothes, it protects them against bacteria, moisture, and odor. buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off the sale.

Drawer and closet organizer
Other items that are good to get to organize your wardrobe are clothes hangers, organizers, shoe racks, plastic stands, and small and large organizers. These regulators are available in the market in different forms and at reasonable prices.

How to organize a wardrobe?
Now that you have prepared the things, it is better to learn how to organize the wardrobe. Following the 7 suggestions below will help you to always keep your wardrobe organized.

Categorize your clothes and accessories
Separate the clothes according to their form and use and arrange them on the floor. For example, pants, dress shirts, underwear, casual clothes, and accessories. In the next step, it is necessary to separate the items, tools, and clothes that you do not use from any pile that you have arranged on the floor. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online with the best quality from the Ziba couture store.

Clean and organize your wardrobe

We said above that you should empty the closet first. Then sweep it with a towel to clean it completely. Make sure that no corners of the closet are dirty and that there are no stains on the walls or floors. In the next step, you should classify the interior of the closet based on clothes and accessories. You should put the clothes and equipment that you use a lot in the bottom and the middle of the closet so that they have easy access.

For example, put the vacuumed clothes on the floor of the closet. Arrange drawers, baskets, or boxes on them at the bottom of the closet and put shoes, bags, socks, underwear, or... in them. If you have purchased a shoe rack or pull-out hanger, you can hang it on the back of the wardrobe door. Put clothes and items that have little use in boxes and large boxes on top of the closet. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale and have the best choice.

Separate things and clothes
In no case, do not put all the items and clothes together. Organize your wardrobe smartly. For this purpose, consider a special bag, floor, basket, or box for each garment. Or if it's a hanging garment, be sure to hang similar ones next to each other on the hanger. For example, a box for casual clothes. Or a zipped pocket for sportswear. Again, we emphasize that you put the clothes and accessories that you use the most in the front and at the back.

Sort the clothes by color
Another interesting way to organize your wardrobe is to hang clothes by color. This is not necessary, but it makes you feel good when you open the closet door to see a rainbow of your clothes. Of course, color separation of clothes will help you a lot to set them together. For example, when you want to wear a white blouse with mustard pants, you can quickly find and use any of them in the closet. Buy your cheap women's pants at the best price.

Make the most of the vertical space in the closet

Walls, floors, and wardrobe doors are the best places to put things and accessories. It is enough to hang shoe racks, clothes racks, or small fabric shelves behind the door or on the wall of the closet and arrange the items inside them. In this way, you have used all the spaces of the closet.

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