Step Out in Style with Fashion Tips from Ziba Couture

Step Out in Style with Fashion Tips from Ziba Couture

Style is a state of mind. Slaying with style requires creativity and confidence. Not everyone has the capacity to carry off every outfit with ease and elegance. Colour mismatch and ill-fitting outfits are not only unattractive but also reflect carelessness. This is where we step in!

Ziba Couture is more than just a wholesale shop in Toronto. Our stylists and fashion experts offer you a customized experience in women’s wear. We offer a spectacular range of garments designed by Canadian masterminds that focus on bringing out the best in you. First, you need to learn how to carry off each outfit in style. Allow us to give you some tips.

6 Classic Rules that Stylish Women Follow

Plan ahead: Before the week starts and you get caught up in a frenzy, weigh out what you need to wear. If you have a Monday meeting scheduled, keep a pair of well-cut trousers ready. Planning ahead will save you undue stress the next morning and give you more time for dressing up with care.

  1. Wear outfits that fit well: Whatever you wear, make sure it sits well on you. That is the key to high fashion and great style. Make sure your inner-garments are equally well-fitting. Nothing is more unbecoming than straps that slide down your shoulders under a well-fitted blouse.
  1. Skin is not always in Baring all doesn’t always translate to being sexy. Fashionistas know that a few things are better kept under wraps. An enigmatic woman piques far more interest than an exhibitionist. Choose one of body asset and show it off. If you flash your legs in a short skirt, pair it with a long-sleeved shirt or a smart jacket.
  1. Access the right accessories: Soft shades and dull outfits come alive with the right accessories. Do not underestimate the power of bright bags and shoes. While neutral colours are always safe, vibrant hues bring out different shades of you. Changing accessories with a single outfit gives you a totally different look.
  1. Good shoes for happy feet: Flat footwear can make as much a style statement as high heels. Make sure those heels are not too high or you will end up falling flat when you least expect it. When in doubt, choose comfort over style in shoes. You don’t want blisters on your toes at any time.
  • Dress for the event: The biggest fashion blooper is wearing the wrong outfit at the wrong time. Check where you are headed before you leap into your closet. When in doubt, dig out a smart pair of jeans, not the ripped ones, but those that are zipped well and look good with pretty tops.

Visit Ziba Couture for the Latest Fashions

Sitting on the fence about what to wear? Call us to schedule a style consultation. Better yet, visit our boutique to check out the latest styles.

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