Summer Tips For Women’s Fashion

Summer Tips For Women’s Fashion

When summer comes around, it is a great chance to show off your favourite fashion, as you’re no longer hidden underneath a heavy winter coat, hat, and scarf. The problem though is that it can get sweltering outside, and the fashion statement you want to make may get a little bit sweaty. There is no reason that you can’t look great in the summer, though. Here are seven tips from us to you about how to keep cool and fashionable this summer.

Shoe Size

If you are buying new shoes in the summertime, you may want to buy them in a half size up from what you usually wear. This is because, no matter how much we try, the heat can make our feet swell up. Shoes that have some give to them are a better option as well for overall comfort.

Fabric Choices

Some fabrics are more breathable than others, which is something you really want in the summer. Cotton and linen are great options (though it is worth noting that linen has very specific care instructions) and are superior to poly-blends when it gets hot outside.

Loose Clothes

It can be uncomfortable in the summer to wear clothes that stick to your skin. Avoiding skin tight clothes and opting for looser clothes that have some breathability is an excellent choice. Pairing looser clothes with natural fabrics will keep you even cooler on a hot summer day.

Put Away the Padded Bra

While they are great for lift, on an everyday basis, it may be time to put away your padded bra. These do not help keep the heat at bay, and you can end up sweating uncomfortably into them. Opt for lightweight bras and bralettes during the summer months and save your padded bra for special occasions.

Avoid Embellishments

While metal and beaded embellishments do look beautiful, they aren’t the best option for summer. Imagine eating lunch on a beautiful patio outside in the middle of summer while wearing a dress with metal embellishments. When you go to stand up, after having been in the sun, you bump your arm against the metal and get a nasty surprise at the temperature of your dress. Avoid embellishments.

Keep a Scarf Handy

While stylish in their own right, keeping a scarf handy in the summer is always advisable. It can be used to cover your head and provide shade, hold your hair back from your face, and keep sweat off your neck. Keep one in your purse at all times!

Choose Light Colours

Dark colours absorb heat while light colours reflect all wavelengths of the sun and end up absorbing the least heat.

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