Top 8 New York Fashion Week Favourites

Top 8 New York Fashion Week Favourites

Trends may come and go, but if we’ve learned anything from past New York fashion weeks, we know that many styles will circle the block a few times before they’re gone for good. You’ll see them and much more as we take a walk through our 2018 New York fashion week favourites.

Tie Dye

New York fashion week has brought tie-dye back with a bang. From the traditional, bright rainbow colour scheme of the 70’s to the toned down colour palettes for everyday wear, this look has made a comeback this year that may be here to stay.


Pale green is the new colour of the season. From last year’s deep khaki green, we’ve moved onto new and slightly brighter things for 2018. Rotating between classic jade and sage green, these colours pair perfectly with a neutral, business casual aesthetic. Or emulate the gorgeous models and rock it from head to toe.

Bright Neon

We can’t forget the neons, because New York fashion week certainly didn’t. From bikinis to pantsuits and everything in between, neon greens, yellows, oranges and pinks were a shock on the runway, and we loved it.

Business Casual Suits

Power suits make a statement, and what better place to make a statement than at the office. Whether you choose a bright colour, bold pattern or a stylish neutral, this year is the year of the pantsuit.

Puffy Sleeves

Puffed up sleeves are getting bigger and better this season. On a shirt or a dress, this high-fashioned design is great for the office, an exclusive event or date night. Pair a puffy sleeved shirt with a sleek pair of black trousers or a classic pencil skirt and you’re ready for anything.


Lightweight and a work of art, crochet anything is highly sought after during this year’s fashion week. Whether you want to add a detailed cover up to your basic t-shirt and jeans or go all in with a fully crocheted dress, there’s no denying the craftsmanship that goes into one of these pieces.


On a hot summer day when you just can’t handle a full-sleeved blazer, throw on a vest to heighten your look. Super long, cropped, bright orange or covered in floral, any vest this season will add something extra to any outfit. Dress it up or down, do whatever works for you.

Little White Dress

Little black dress? How about a little white dress for every occasion! It’s clean, it’s neutral, it’s one of this year’s hottest trends. Feminine and sexy, it’s time for little white dresses to shine.

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