What are the characteristics of a suitable women's office dress for your body?

What are the characteristics of a suitable women's office dress for your body?

Employees and women who work in formal and serious work environments need a special type of clothing, namely women's office attire. You might think that women's office dress has limited forms that do not suit anyone. But if you know which dress model is suitable for your body shape, you can also choose the right office dress and have a beautiful formal style.

It does not matter if you are fat or thin, short or tall, have an ideal body, or have localized obesity, there are always clothes that fit your body shape and make it look more beautiful and balanced, even if it is a simple office dress. In this article, you will see which model of women's office dress is right for you based on your body shape, and you can buy your favorite dress from Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

Women's office dress suitable for short ladies
Short women are more likely than other women to choose clothes and usually can not find office dress that fits their body and does not get lost in it. If you are one of the people who are under 162 cm tall, first of all, you should choose a coat that is full-sized, IE does not have long sleeves or wide shoulders, and secondly, the design of the coat is uniform, IE you should not use coat in which the upper and lower body colors are different.

Of course, it is better to have a clear coat line so that the limbs look more elongated. In the case of formal pants, it is better to use pants that are straight and not too tall, i.e. it is up to the ankles. Keep in mind that it is better to choose the color of all clothes, especially pants, from neutral and dark colors to look more elongated and taller.

Women's office dress suitable for tall women

Women's office dress suitable for tall women

You may think that tall women have no problem choosing clothes, especially office dress, but you should know that being tall can also be a problem in choosing clothes, and if the right clothes are not chosen, the appearance of a person may seem unbalanced and rough. If you are tall and you want to choose an office mantle, first of all, pay attention to the fabric of the mantle.

Choose a fabric that is soft and bare and fits snugly on the body. The height of this coat should be midi, i.e. up to the middle of the thigh, in which case your body will look more balanced. To choose pants, it is better to use simple straight pants that match your mantle, or loose pants with a conical shape that is not very tall and reaches to the ankles. You can also buy your favorite cheap women's pants from Zibacouture.

Women's office dress suitable for women with apple-shaped limbs
Having an apple-shaped limb means that most of the body weight is concentrated in the middle part, IE the abdomen, and the rest of the parts are not very fat. In this type of limb, because the abdomen is prominent, the waistline is not defined, and to create balance in it, it is necessary to be able to define the waistline.

Multi-layered use coats, the bottom layers of the coat should fit in dark colors, and the top layers in a different color to create contrast and balance in the limbs. If you have an apple-shaped body and you also want to make formal pants, it is better to use tight pants that have a high crotch so that both the abdomen is smaller the legs are fuller and your body is generally balanced.

Women's office dress suitable for women with pear-shaped limbs

Women's office dress suitable for women with pear-shaped limbs

The pear-shaped limb is an organ in which the lower part of the trunk is larger than the upper body the width of the shoulders and chest is short, and instead the buttocks and thighs are fat. To balance such an organ, clothes that increase the volume of the upper body should be used.

But this limb is different from the boy's limb, and if too much emphasis is placed on the waist, the lower body may look fatter, so it is better to use coats that have a tonic shape and gather on the waist and create a loose state on the upper body, but on the hips do not tighten either. Pants suitable for the hourglass body are pants that sit on the waist on the thinnest part of the body and then have a loose and straight position to avoid obesity in the hips and thighs. Simple striped pants can also have a greater effect on slimming the lower torso.

Women's office dress is suitable for women who have hourglass limbs
Hourglass body is one of the beautiful and ideal forms for female body that all women like to have such body. In this type of limb, the waistline is clear and the width of the hips, chest, and shoulders are almost close to each other. For this type of body, there are not many restrictions in choosing formal and office dress, but if you are one of the people who have an hourglass body and you want to buy a formal coat for yourself, it is better to choose a model instead of simple and ordinary models.

Have a cloche to make your arms look more beautiful and in balance with the limbs. There are no restrictions for choosing pants, but it is better to use wide-legged pants that show more stretched legs and go well with formal shoes and high heels. buy Joseph Ribkoff clutches online can be the best choice for your dear ones from the zibacouture site.

Women's office dress suitable for women with boyish bodies

Women's office dress suitable for women with boyish bodies

Women who have boyish limbs usually do not have female protrusions and arches in their limbs. This type of limb is also called a rectangular limb where the width of the shoulders, chest, and buttocks are almost close to each other. The waistline is not very clear. To create balance in such an organ, you must choose a garment that creates these curves in the body. For example, using coats that have folds and ruffles on the chest and shoulders and give volume to these areas is a good idea for this.

The waistline of your coat should be clear and slightly higher than its natural position to show a slimmer body. Two-tone coats that have different colors on the upper body and lower body are suitable for women with boyish and rectangular limbs. If you are also planning to choose a formal pair of pants, make sure that your office pants are well-fitted and have details in different parts (for example, the folded edge) to draw attention to the part of your ankle.


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