What color clothes to wear in summer | Let the fashionistas read!

What color clothes to wear in summer | Let the fashionistas read!

What colors should we wear in summer? The color of the clothes is very important in summer, if you want to feel cool in summer, change the color of your summer look.

Radiation of warmth and freshness of the skin
Do not forget that your body produces heat and your body temperature is higher than the ambient air temperature. As a result, if you wear light clothes and coats in summer, this heat is more easily transferred to the outside of the body.

The human body has the energy that is sometimes emitted as heat, so clothing must be able to maintain the skin's respiratory space to exchange heat and provide the necessary coolness. In this regard, light colors, in addition to lowering the temperature, can help maintain skin freshness and freshness. Have the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Color health
Aside from the type of dye, because dyes are generally made from lead or arsenic, or aniline, it is best not to choose clothes that come in direct contact with the skin from colored fabrics. Otherwise, they cause chronic poisoning.

If you can use clothes that are dyed with plant and natural colors; Because these paints do not pollute water, soil, and air in the dyeing process, they are environmentally friendly. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Plant colors are very durable in the sun. Unlike chemical dyes that fade in the sun. Vegetable and animal or mineral dyes do not cause skin allergies and have their glow and light.

White and unique

White and unique

White is the favorite color of famous designers and figures and the color of mystery and mystery of pollution, cleanliness, and purity that can give an innocent glow to a person. White is unique for summer; Because it removes light and heat from you. Do not miss the Sympli clothing sale.

White clothes are spontaneous in such a way that dirt and dirt are detected sooner in them and help the person to observe more cleanliness.  In addition, the color white helps to expand the mind and open the mood. On the other hand, it is reminiscent of ice, and when we wear clothes in this color in summer, we feel more mentally cool.

White is the color of cleanliness, and since it reflects most of the sunlight and heat, it is very cool.

In addition, white is reminiscent of ice and makes us and those around us feel cool. This cooling color also improves our mood and mood. Get your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

Warm red is one of the most commonly used colors in summer. This color is reminiscent of flowers and gives a good feeling.

But because it can increase a person's heart rate, it is the best color for summer recreational environments.

These two colors are reminiscent of the color of the sun and bring human vitality. Yellow is one of the warmest colors in the world and is associated with laughter and hope.

This color is also one of the best colors used in summer and keeps a person lively and energetic.

This color is a symbol of nature. It brings with it the comfort of mind and self-confidence. Green promises a new beginning, wealth, and health. The eyes feel calm when they see this color.

Green is very suitable for summer. This color easily combines with other colors and is very effective in keeping the body cool. Do not miss the Frank Lyman dress sale.



Blue, like green, is soothing and at the same time gives a person a sense of spirituality and security. Seeing blue causes the secretion of soothing chemicals in the body and also gives a person a feeling of coolness. Therefore, one of the colors is Suitable for the hot season.

In addition to all this emphasis on light colors, we should also say that we should stop wearing dark clothes together.  When designing dark fabrics for summer clothes, fashion designers try to choose thinner and lighter fabrics to regulate body temperature.

In addition, designers consider the spiritual and emotional effects of colors at different times of the year. If you see someone in a black shirt on a hot summer day, you will feel warm, but if you are wearing a white shirt, you will feel cool, because colors have a psychological effect on the audience. So consider the psychological and physical effects of choosing a color together.

Summer is the season of happy colors that give warmth and energy to human beings. If you are looking to buy a summer coat this season, be sure to choose a light color. The more formal light colors that you can use at work are cream, white, and light brown coats.

Do not forget that your body produces heat that is lower than the ambient air temperature. As a result, if you wear light clothes and coats in summer, this heat is more easily transferred to the outside of the body.

Try to choose coats that are sewn from thin fabrics and without creases and layers.  The material of the coat is also very important. The synthetic (plastic) fibers used in the fabric of the manteau are not suitable for this season, but cotton and linen fibers are good manteaux for this season.

Cotton shirts

Cotton shirts

In summer, wearing a loose cotton shirt at home will cool you down a lot.  Do not forget to look for cheerful fabrics with floral patterns or colorful geometric designs that are more suitable for this season. Yellow, pink, orange, and even phosphorescent colors give you a summer look at home. simple round collar and seven collars are suitable for summer clothes.

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