What is a casual style and what clothes are suitable for it?

What is a casual style and what clothes are suitable for it?

Almost all of us use the term casual style, but we may not know exactly what this style is and what clothes and accessories it includes. Therefore, in this article, we want to explain to you the concept of this style, its philosophy, and its difference from other types of styles. Stay with Ziba couture until the end.

What is casual style?
We often know casual style as comfortable and stylish clothes that are not very suitable for informal situations. The reality is the same. Casual means any clothes and accessories that are not classic and formal. Of course, you should not confuse it with sports clothes.

Being casual is indeed a very broad concept, but it also has its limitations and rules, and not every casual outfit can be labeled casual. But the common thing between all the items used in this type is that one feels comfortable and light with them. Also, in this style, there is no gender restriction, and most of the clothes this style can be used jointly by men and women. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Of course, it is necessary to point out that the meaning of comfort and style is not to wear whatever you can and say that my style is casual. For casual wear, be sure to pay attention to the fashion and trends of the day and dress in such a way that you look stylish and well-groomed.

One of the most basic principles of adhering to any type of style is that you choose your clothes and accessories based on the situation in which you are going to be present. For example, casual clothes are not suitable for evening parties, weddings or formal occasions. But instead, they can be used for friendly outings, simple parties, hanging out in cafes, or even nature trips.

You probably know that you need to know your body shape and make your purchases based on it. Skin color is also effective in the beauty of clothes. For example, wheatish and tanned people should go for warm colors so that their fit will make their complexion look more beautiful. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

What is the philosophy of casual style?

What is the philosophy of casual style?

The philosophy of this style, as we said above, is that you still look handsome and stylish while wearing comfortable and light clothes.

Meanwhile, it might be interesting for you to know that, although today wearing pants is one of the main elements of casual style for women, in the relatively distant past, women were not allowed to wear pants. In that historical period, women only had to wear voluminous and springy skirts, which were very cumbersome for them.

But one of the active women in the field of defending women's rights, named Emilia Bloomer, wore special pants instead of voluminous skirts and in a way became the founder of women's casual style.

Of course, at that time, he was ridiculed by people, magazines, and publications, but he did not give up on his goal. So today we see that trousers are the main pillar in women's and girls' casual style. buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

What are the criteria for dressing casually?
Paying attention to body shape, skin color, fabric material and the situation in which you are going to appear are among the main criteria of casual style. We have explained briefly but completely about each of these cases below.

The importance of paying attention to body shape in a casual style
Body shape is very important in choosing clothes. This is also important in the casual type.

The importance of paying attention to skin color in a casual style

The importance of paying attention to skin color in a casual style

It is important to consider the color of the skin in choosing the color of the clothes for the casual type because it makes the clothes look better on the person's body.

People with warm skin should choose clothes with earthy colors such as yellow, gold, orange, red, brown, orange, and honey.

People with cold skin should go for blue, green, pink, lilac, turquoise, and purple colors.

People with neutral skin color are free in their choices.

To determine the color of the skin, just hold the inner part of your wrist under the light of the lamp and see if the undertone of the veins in the hand is blue or green.

If the veins have a blue tint, it means that your skin color is cold.

If the veins have a green undertone, it means that your skin color is warm. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale.

The importance of paying attention to the fabric in a casual style
One of the important points in casual styles is their fabric type. The most common casual fabrics include denim, linen, cotton, cotton, and knitted fabrics. But in general, because we have many different fabrics in the world, it is better to say that any fabric that is soft and delicate, easy to wash, and warm or cool enough according to the season can be classified as casual. For example, cotton fabrics or elastic fabrics that do not hinder the easy movement of hands and feet are among the best examples of casual fabrics. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale.

Of course, be careful not to confuse sports clothes with everyday casual clothes. Sportswear means sportswear. These clothes are mainly made of fabrics that have high elasticity and are specially designed for sports activities and should not replace the casual style. Buy your cheap women's pants at the best price from the Ziba couture store.

What is women's casual style?

Women's and men's casual styles do not have any particular difference. The definition of each of them is almost the same. In general, any cover that is suitable, comfortable, and stylish for daily activities is considered a women's casual style; From jeans and t-shirts to cotton and linen shirts.

For example, high-heeled shoes or embroidered shirts for evening parties are by no means casual for women. Or, for example, jewelry full of gems and precious stones has no place in casual style. All kinds of blouses, t-shirts, jeans, hoodies, and jackets are among women's casual styles.

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