What is a preppy style? How to dress in a preppy style?

What is a preppy style? How to dress in a preppy style?

The preppy style is a kind of regular and smart casual style where all the items are coordinated in the whole style. The word preppy originally refers to the pre-university and college uniforms worn on the east coast of America.

The three main features of the preppy style are originality, elegance, and stylishness.If you like to get to know the preppy style and its features; We suggest you read more.

History of Preppy
The origin of the preppy style goes back to North America.  In the 1920s, the children of wealthy families went to the best private schools in the country.

The rich people who studied in these schools wore a certain style of clothes and had their character and attitude.

These schools had their uniforms, and after several years’ students made their style with uniforms.

Because schools or colleges were the beginning of this style, it is also called preppy style, college, or student style.

Remember that preppy style is the evolution of ivy league style.

Preppy style clothes selection
Preppy style has no middle ground with the avant-garde. The combinations in this style are simple, original, and stylish. They are not very fond of layered styles and the number of layers is limited. The silhouettes in this style have a body without volume and the colors are bright and happy.

A variety of checkered fabric designs, especially kingham, stripes, polka dots, tweed, argyle, and tartan can also be seen in this style.

Among the people who dress in the modern preppy style, small and delicate designs of flowers or betejajah are also seen. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

If you like to dress in preppy style, it is better with:

Several models of collared shirts and blouses

Oxford style shirts

Bright colored tunics

Short pleated and pleated skirt with socks and pantyhose



Complete your closet.  In cold seasons, you can have the best choice of button-down sweaters and seven-neck sweaters next to a collared shirt.

Preppy style combinations
Rich colors such as dark blue tones, different white tones, and dark red tones are used in preppy style combinations. Of course, dark and stylish colors such as crimson, emerald green, and dark brown tones are also popular preppy colors.

The preppy style is very similar to a classic style.  The difference is that in this style, more impressive colors are used. Buy your cheap women's pants at a reasonable price from the Ziba couture store.

Simple clothes
The most important thing to pay attention to is to choose simple clothes as much as possible.

Clothes that have busy designs or wearing several clothes on top of each other to create a collegiate (preppy) style is not a good idea.

So you should as much as you can choose clothes with simple patterns and designs or simple and plain clothes.

Using a lot of jewelry and accessories to have a preppy style is not suitable at all.

If you like to wear two layers of clothes, try to use a thin jacket, a sports coat and stylish. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Suitable colors
When choosing the color of your clothes, you should pay attention to the fact that everything should be simple and stylish.

Currently, the color trends of this style are classic colors such as dark blue, different shades of white, and dark and red.

You can also choose dark and stylish colors like crimson, emerald green, and dark brown tones for your clothes. Of course, this does not mean that you have to say goodbye to happy and bright colors.

You can use original and bright colors to create a preppy style; For example, you can use a red or light green blouse and white jeans. Buy your cheap dresses online safely at the best price from Ziba couture.

Choosing simple and classic clothes

Choosing simple and classic clothes

In general, to create a preppy style, simple and classic clothes and accessories are used that will never go out of fashion, we advise you that if you are looking to create a preppy style for yourself, it is better to choose t-shirts, simple clothes and style clothes.

For example, collared and three-button dresses, dark blue suits, oxford shirts, light-colored tunics, white jeans, and short and sleeveless shirts are among the clothes you will need to create a simple style.

To create a simple and stylish style in the cold seasons, you must have multi-colored sweaters in your wardrobe. One of the most popular sweaters used for preppy style.

There are sweaters with a Scotch design, the advantage of this model of sweaters is that both women and men can use them, of course, there are various colors and models that you can choose from according to your taste. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale.

Cream color
One of the best colors for the preppy style that you can use is cream color.

For example, a pair of Cream pants or a skirt will never go out of style and you can easily pair it with any outfit.

Of course, you should pay attention to the fact that you choose its size in such a way that it exactly fits and the size of your tone. Another advantage of Cream pants and skirts is that you can have an informal style as well as a formal style by using them.

For example, you can match Cream-colored pants with a shirt and t-shirt for a friendly meeting, you can also match a Cream-colored skirt or pants with a stylish blouse or a simple blouse to make a formal style.

Suitable fabric for preppy style
One of the most important points about any style is the fabric patterns, checkered, gingham, tweed, argyle and tartan are the best choices for preppy style.

The color palette in the style of preppy
As mentioned before, rich colors, such as emerald green, Gandhi red, navy, and pastel colors such as pale blue and pink are used in the combination of preppy style.

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