What is boho style? How to dress in boho style?

What is boho style? How to dress in boho style?

When talking about boho or bohemian style, it means a style of clothing in which there is freedom. The Boho style is a stylish, comfortable, and attractive style. If you like to dress a little differently than others, you can go for this attractive style.

The meaning of freedom in this style is that you can choose the color, model, and design of your clothes without limiting yourself to formal and dry frameworks.

The main indicator of boho style
Among the main indicators, we can mention loose clothes, native and local designs and shapes of fabrics, and matching colors in an unconventional and non-traditional way.

The Boho style is very popular all over the world today. People who are tired of the stereotypes of the fashion world go for this style. The bohemian style of dressing has been in the world of fashion for 200 years. We suggest you not miss the Sympli clothing sale.

What is boho?
To better understand boho style, it is better to know the meaning and origin of this word. Boho is derived from the French word bohemian. In French, bohemian means gypsies or wanderers who spend their time and live without any special conditions.

Gypsies do not follow the traditional way of life and a kind of freedom can be seen in their lifestyle. There is another version of the etymology of the word boho. It says that bo in this word is derived from bohemian meaning gypsy and ho from the word hobo meaning vagabond in English and American terms.

The true origins of the boho style are widely debated. Many believe that the boho style was created as a counterculture style by artists in 19th century France and after the French Revolution. Also, many other artists were not supported by wealthy patrons.

As a result, they were reduced to poverty and adopted a nomadic lifestyle. They wore old and unfashionable clothes. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

History of boho style

History of boho style

The Boho style is considered an alternative style and is very different from many mainstream trends. More than 200 years ago, the word boho referred to an exotic style that was specific to artists, writers, and intellectuals of the society of that era.

The first signs of the boho style go back to the 18th century, the era of the French Revolution. At that time, due to the economic and social climate, the artists and intellectuals of the society did not have good financial conditions. As a result, they had to wear old and second-hand clothes

Sometime later, with the stabilization of the economic situation, artists decided to show their creativity and art with their style and clothes. Buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online is the best choice.

cover style
Boho style is a reminder of France to the fashion world. Boho is a type of clothing and style in which comfort and freedom of choice are more important than anything else.

Loose jackets and coats, long sweaters, long and patterned cotton skirts and shirts, big and beautiful hats, etc. are combined in this style. It shows a person who lives freely. He likes to follow his comfortable lifestyle in a way that is outside of stereotypes and the framework of his clothing and lifestyle. Buy your cheap women's pants safely from the Ziba couture store.

Natural fibers
If you are thinking of creating a boho style, it is better to go for natural fibers such as linen, leather, and velvet.

Beige, brown, white, and dark green colors are the colors that make this style for you.

Long and simple skirts
Long and simple skirts are one of the main elements of this style. To choose a boho-style women's skirt, it is better to go for simple colors. You can choose straight skirts to have more freedom in matching clothes with tunics and blouses.

It is better to choose a puffy and pleated skirt instead. Go for a straight skirt with little folds and puffs. In the boho style, you can wear long skirts with women's shoes or sandals.

The main advantage of the boho style is that it will not restrict you. You are free to wear whatever you want. buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off the sale.

Punch and denim jacket

Punch and denim jacket

Wearing a punch and a short coat or a denim and suede coat in the autumn and spring seasons is a great option for this style. Usually, busy and flowery designs are used for punch in this style.

half boot
Another element is half boots which are given great importance in this style. Bohemians like to wear what they like and feel comfortable in.

Ankle boots in neutral colors and ankle boots are perfect for this look. These ankle boots usually create an atmosphere of freedom, which is recommended to be worn with skirts, tight tube pants, and shorts.

As mentioned before, one of the main points in this style is freedom of action in setting different parts. For example, the shoes or ankle boots offered in this style usually have features that can be easily matched with any outfit. Don't miss Frank Lyman dress sales and have the best choice.

Pay attention to the point that the heel of boho style ankle boots should not be very high, because in this style freedom of action and wearing boots with a 20 cm heel contradicts freedom and comfort.

Maxi shirt
Maxi shirts with various designs such as floral and geometric designs are one of the most important elements of this style. Usually, in this style, clothes are used that are compatible with a variety of other clothes in terms of design and color.

For example, simple maxi shirts with different designs and colors can be easily worn with a short denim jacket, various sweatshirts, and all kinds of shoes. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online at the best price from the Ziba couture store.

Remember that boho means comfort, freedom, and breaking stereotypes; Therefore, it is better to choose comfortable and trendy clothes to design this style.

Knitted sweatshirts and coats

Loose and long coats and sweaters from another part of this style. These sweatshirts and robes can have a fine or coarse texture. Usually, in this style, sweaters and coats are used that have a coarse texture and sit on the body in a loose and free form. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale and have the best choice.

These textures are the main elements of the boho style to show a kind of freedom and comfort. The free and naked sweatshirt is well recognizable and accepted in the bohemian world. Boho sweaters and dresses can be worn as layers of other dresses. Wearing layers is an example of a boho style.

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