What is the whimsical style?

What is the whimsical style?

Maybe you haven't heard the term whimsical style in fashion! According to the definition of the fashion dictionary, style is subject to this style, which is the product of imagination and ambition. The variety of colors, the acceptance of mixing and matching colors, the combination of patterns, and the texture of fabrics in this style have turned it into a fantasy style in the eyes of critics.

In whimsical style, you don't see black color except in very small designs or details, instead blue, green, and light pink colors are used more. In the whimsical closet, you can find a wide variety of colors and patterns in clothing and accessories. In this style, special attention is paid to long skirts, short girls' shirts, and hand-embroidered and colored accessories.  The patterns of interest in this style include floral, dotted, and polka dots.

The whimsical style is not afraid to go out of the society's style framework, but it enjoys drawing all eyes to itself and being in the center of attention. In general, the whimsical style can be interpreted as "daring to play with fashion".

In this article, we introduce more of the whimsical style and the famous stylists of this style.

Long shirts with cheerful colors in the whimsical style
The combination of happy and lively colors is one of the main features of the whimsical style. These colors are especially popular in the summer season. Chiara Ferragni, the famous Italian supermodel, is one of the staunch followers of this style, who enjoys wearing colorful long dresses in the warm seasons of the year. In a whimsical style, white or very light gray colors are used as neutral colors. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

Long skirts with colorful patterns in the whimsical style
One of the main items in the wardrobe of whimsical style stylists is cloche and long skirts that are designed in happy colors and girly and colorful patterns. Recently, we see these skirts worn by street stylists in the summer season. You can combine these types of skirts with light white or light cream coats. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Long coats or statement coats in the whimsical style

Long coats or statement coats in the whimsical style

Another popular item of whimsical style is long coats with simple stitching. You can usually see this outfit in the cold seasons of the year in combination with high heels and colored clutches. The colors of these overcoats are in a bright pink-lemon-orange-purple-green color range and are designed with simple and girly patterns. These coats can be combined with skinny pants or without pants with half-length boots or classic high heels. Don't miss the Sympli clothing sale.

Beach maxis in the whimsical style
One of the popular items in this style is long cool clothes that are interpreted as shirts or beach maxis. Whimsical style designers design these maxis in the summary and vivid colors and usually with floral patterns. Straw bags and sandals with pale cream color are suitable combinations next to these shirts. Buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off sale.

Short sarees for girls in the whimsical style
Short sarees that are designed with skirts or shorts, with cool patterned fabrics for spring and summer can easily bring you a whimsical style. It is enough to put matching colored sunglasses and a wooden or wicker handbag next to this item to complete your dreamy style for a spring day. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale.

The use of denim combinations in making whimsical style
Light and icy blue denim fabric are widely used in making this style, especially in the summer season, due to its whimsical factors. Light-colored denim jackets, embroidered denim skirts, and jeans with colored decorations are suitable candidates for creating a whimsical style. Light denim jackets are also a good idea to wear over long shirts that are the signature of whimsical style. Buy your cheap women's pants safely from the Ziba couture store.

Dot pattern in the whimsical style

Dot pattern in the whimsical style

We said that the whimsical style is known for being diverse and playing with colors and patterns. The polka dot pattern is considered one of the most popular patterns among the designers of this style. Designers prefer happy and pale colors to design these points. This pattern is mostly used in designing summer clothes. We suggest not to miss the Frank Lyman dresses sale.

Floral pattern in the whimsical style
The next popular pattern in this style is the many colorful flowers on the dress. This pattern is used in both skirts, short dresses for girls, and beach maxis and it brings good results. In addition to the print on the clothing fabric, the floral pattern can also be seen prominently on clothes or bags, shoes, and accessories. Although this pattern is also used in the design of winter coats, the trending season of this design is in spring.

The rainbow pattern in the whimsical style
Earlier, we talked about the focus of whimsical style on the combination of happy colors. The rainbow pattern is the main feature of this style and is considered one of the most popular patterns among the stylists of this style. Note that the meaning of rainbow is not necessarily the presence of all 7 colors of the rainbow, but the juxtaposition of a row of happy and lively colored lines. To choose the color of other items of your style, use the colors in the color item.

Combination of various patterns in the whimsical style
So far, you have become familiar with the original and prolific patterns in a whimsical style, which can be used both individually and in combination with your style. If you follow the whimsical style in your style, don't worry about combining a floral skirt with a leopard blouse. You may even see two style items of the same whimsical model both have floral patterns, but the color and type of flowers are different.

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