What is Tomboy fashion and style? 6 characteristics of the tomboy type and style!

What is Tomboy fashion and style? 6 characteristics of the tomboy type and style!

Tomboy type; refers to girls who dress in a style that is for a boy. Their common characteristics include wearing men's clothes and participating in games and activities that are physical.

While these characteristics are considered non-feminine and belong to boys in many cultures. Women who have a tomboy style have a free spirit, hard and fierce. They like to live the way they like and freely. Also, tomboy women are cold and quiet compared to other women.

Why was tomboy fashion and style created!?
In 1860-1840, the concept of tomboy was rooted in racist and misogynistic ideas. Since the whites were afraid that their race would be destroyed, they were concerned about the health of women and encouraged them to live a masculine lifestyle. On the other hand, they prepared women for marriage and motherhood, which was related to feminism.

But later, tomboy became a style of fashion, and style that their type of clothing was welcomed by many women and even celebrities and objected to this issue. Of course, in such a way that in addition to men's style items, feminine elegance can be seen in it considering the body shape. In the continuation of this series of content, stay with Ziba couture to learn more about the special style of a tomboy and its interesting features. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

History and features of Tomboy style

History and features of Tomboy style

The word tomboy was first used in the 15th century to refer to boys who behaved rudely and awkwardly. But in the late 15th century, the word shifted to its current feminine meaning. It means a reckless girl who has a boyish spirit. tomboy style; It is a kind of effortless and comfortable dressing that is inspired by men's clothing. This style emphasizes essentials such as t-shirts, jeans, suits, and oversized shirts. Buy your cheap women's pants at the best price.

tomboy boy style; It dates back to the 16th century AD and refers to girls who were interested in boyish clothing and behavior. This definition of tomboy is related to the 15th and 16th centuries and today this style has taken a more modern form.

Christine is a popular actress who has a very stylish tomboy style. She has shown many times that the tomboy style of dressing, in addition to the masculine feeling, also shows off the stylishness and power of the feminine style to the audience. The items used in his outfit have a minimal style and a two-color and neutral palette. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online from the Ziba couture store.

You should not cut your hair for this boyish style. You can have an amazing boyish style like Cara Delevingne with long hair. Cara Delevingne styled her tomboy by wearing a printed long sleeve white blouse, short jacket, black pants, and silver sneakers. He also chose a hat as an accessory.

Oversize shirts in tomboy fashion
A noteworthy point in tomboy style; is that the bigger and more comfortable the clothes you choose, the better and more attractive your cover style will be in Tamboy. Tight clothes are rarely used in this style. Oversized t-shirts that have boyish designs and writings are also good options for the hot seasons in this style of clothing.

Hoodies are used in this style for cold seasons. Overshirt men's shirts are special for the fall season. Its fabric is slightly thicker than men's classic shirts. For autumn days when it is not possible to wear only a single t-shirt because it is special for wearing over a t-shirt. Don't miss Gracia clothing on sale and have the best choice.

Suits in boy style for formal events

 Suits in boy style for formal events

Suits are used in this style to participate in formal events and parties. For a little more charm and to match the tomboy style, wear a simple white or black t-shirt. This style is not very formal and you can use casual shoes. Shoes such as Adidas or Vans white sneakers are used for tomboy types.

Dressing in layers in Tomboy style
Another key point in tomboy style; Dressing in layers. This style of dressing is mostly used in the cold seasons of the year. You can wear your favorite sweater over a sweater, jacket, or button-up shirt and have a real tomboy style.  buy your cheap dresses online with up to 70% off the sale.

Accessories suitable for tomboy style
In this style; Women distance themselves from girly accessories. For example, they say goodbye to girls' doll shoes and high heels. They put aside their floral and lace shirts and use men's clothes and accessories. The right accessory for boys' style is a boy's backpack, which can make your clothing look completely boyish. Don't forget a wristwatch in a masculine color and wear a Gap hat.


Is the type and style of tomboy suitable for you?!

Is the type and style of tomboy suitable for you?!

As you read in this article, the tomboy style; At first, it was formed with the motive of protesting gender differences and the social deficiencies of women. But today, with almost equal social and gender opportunities, the tomboy style has lost its protest mode. Today, this style is more a matter of taste than protest. That is, other women use this boyish style, not because of protest but because of their taste. Don't miss Frank Lyman dress sales and have the best choice.

This style is suitable for women who prefer the comfort and simplicity of men's clothes to women's clothes. In this guide that we have prepared for you, we have brought all the characteristics of the tomboy style and the clothes and accessories that you can use for this style of covering. We hope you find this article useful in this series of lifestyle and fashion articles. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

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