White Setting Guide; How to make an attractive style with white?

White Setting Guide; How to make an attractive style with white?

It is not difficult to set white in different styles and hot and cold seasons of the year. If you have a few pieces of white clothing in your closet, start here.

You can easily create an attractive style for yourself with white. Shine in any outfit with a round neck shirt, pants, white coat, beige coat, or stylish white shirt.

What about setting white in the summer?
White is the best color you can wear on warm, temperate days. You will find all kinds of cotton, linen and guipure clothes in white. So you do not have a difficult purchase ahead. From coats and shawls to T-shirts, pants and white shoes can be found in the market.

Lenin's white shirt with white sandals gives a cool feeling. You can wear white from head to toe and be sure to be attractive. At outdoor parties, go for a white ball gown and pair it with a colorful bag and shoes.

The white scarf fits all your summer coats. We say that you must have one or two white scarves in your closet. A white scarf with cheerful color designs is very attractive.

White is used to having a style of neutral colors. White is a popular color for lovers of minimalist style.

Match this color with gray, khaki, or beige. White is spectacular along with pastel colors like sky blue, lilac, and pink. White pants or skirts look spectacular with pastel blouses. Buy your cheap dresses online with your favorite color from zibacouture.

What is it like to set white in winter?
Dark colors are indeed suitable for the cold season. But nothing makes you feel better like a warm white fabric. Set the white fabric coat or sweater with dark lacquer and gold accessories and shine everywhere. The combination of white and beige is very stylish and hearty.

Try white sneakers, beige wool skirts, and chocolate shoes for a period. Do not miss the long white boots. It is used both for parties and under coats and raincoats. If you do not want your color palette to be too light, go for bright and dark colors. Touch any color, it matches with white. Try it with navy blue, red, or dark purple.

Wearing white gloves gives you a dreamy look. You can match the gloves with a white scarf and hat. In addition to icy white, consider other shades of white, such as milky.

The delicate white blouse combines nicely with a crimson and denim jacket. All you have to do is grab a cup of hot tea and sit in the corner of the sofa.

 What is the style like with a white coat?

 What is the style like with a white coat?

1- Style with white coat; Monochrome style

Fans of monochrome style can easily set all-white styles. Put together a white cotton scarf, white or beige coat, loose white pants, and sneakers. The summer straw mat completes your style.

2- Style with white coat; Neutral colors
A white coat, khaki pants, white doll shoes, and a straw bag are a cool and enchanting combination. You can also go to Tusi. White and gray are attractive in all seasons. Wear a white coat and scarf with chocolate pants and shoes. Buy the best choice in the zibacouture store by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

3- Style with white coat; Happy colors
Setting white with a face becomes very girly and attractive. Dirty pink coats, pink and white scarves, and white pants make for a dreamy style. In the summer, set happy colors such as yellow and orange with a white coat and appear full of energy.

How to set each piece of white clothing with other colors?

jeans; All-in-one wardrobe
Jeans are one of the pieces that are always set with different clothes. This time, pair the jeans with a white T-shirt and satchel. Put on black or white shoes.

White pants
You can wear white pants in any season. You can wear cotton, linen, jeans and wool pants in all white styles. It is easy to set white pants with other colors.

Floral blouses, white dots, cheerful colors such as orange, yellow, well red, and beautiful sit next to white. Think blue and olive green, too.

White blouse; Stylish and functional

White blouse; Stylish and functional

White tops, T-shirts or shoes are very stylish and attractive. This part of your wardrobe is not limited to any season and style and has many uses.

You can wear a white, milk or beige blouse with pants of the same color. We say to pair it with gray wool pants, crimson jeans, a white long skirt, gold skirt or pants, black short skirt or floral skirt and cheerful, depending on the season. Buy your favorite clothes from Zibacouture with get up to 70% off sale.

At other parties, wearing a white shirt makes you look dreamy and special. Wear light brown, gold, pink, or navy brown shoes. Pair a white sneaker with white sneakers or sandals.

White scarves and shawls; Beloved by the good guys
Choosing a scarf, shawl, or white scarf will change the mood of your style. Wear any mantle color, it can be easily set with a white scarf. Colors such as crimson, gray, crimson, cedar, pink, and yellow go well with the white scarf. By choosing white pants, you will have a harmonious and attractive style. Buy clothes with your favorite color from Zibacouture women's clothing boutique.

White belt; Different than ever
Do you like white, but do not prefer to use it too much? Think of the white belt. This belt can be easily set with light linen or denim.


White jewelry; Stylish and beautiful
Consider accessories to limit white. White jewelry, pearls, and shells are very eye-catching. Earrings, bracelets، any white jewelry found in your drawer would be a good choice.

White set with black; Classic and formal
The combination of white and black is a favorite of the classic style. Clothes and accessories of these two colors can be found in most wardrobes. That's why it is easy to set white with black.

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