Women's and men's gothic style + history

Women's and men's gothic style + history

The gothic style is one of the most deconstructive fashion styles in the world and this style can be called one of the most anti-fashion styles in the clothing market. This style has many fans in the world, which has caused many designers to create exciting works in this style. Become a fan of this special style for your type.

The Gothic style has maintained its complexity and mystery in all periods and this complexity and mystery can be seen in all the elements of this style. It is interesting to know that this style was specific to the nobility, but over time, it has also become popular among ordinary people!

The roots of the Gothic style in music
The roots of gothic culture can be seen and searched in the music industry and the emergence of the gothic rock genre in the post-punk era in England, at this time the gothic rock music style became very popular among English revolutionary fans and grew in a short period, and significant progress was made in it; You should know that this caused the Gothic style to move away from post-punk and become an independent style.

This independence and progress caused this movement and style to find many enthusiastic fans all over the world. It didn't take much time for the Gothic culture to go beyond the music and find its way into other dimensions of artistic works and people's lives. Also, another development of this movement can be mentioned in the field of literature, art, cinema, fashion, and clothing.

In Haute fashion, there is a term called "haute couture" where professional haute couture designers hold Gothic style on fashion show stages. Among the designers whose works were influenced by the Gothic style in some way in the general style or some collections, we can mention Alexander McQueen, the greatest designer of the Gothic style, Anna Sui, Rick Owens, Garrett Poe, Flip Plain, John Richmond, Yuji Yamamoto, and John Galliano. Do not miss the end-of-season sale - Ziba couture.

What features should fan of this style pay attention to?

What features should fan of this style pay attention to?

Gothic style fans choose vintage clothes or ultra-modern clothes. A dark-colored shirt with minimal decorations is one of the best choices for men's gothic style. If you are going to wear a button-up shirt, be sure to close your shirt buttons up to the last button. It is better to choose simple shirts for this type; But if you like patterned shirts, choose a shirt that has strange images and a unique design.

For women's gothic style, it is also suggested to use jackets or simple dresses with large and impressive designs, of course, in the case of women, black shirts, cloaks and ankle boots, military boots, etc. are essential for women's gothic style. Make the best choice by buying Joseph Ribkoff clutches online.

Fabrics and type of sewing in Gothic type and style
Suitable clothes for the Gothic style have many variations, but all of them follow a series of specific and prominent features. Leather, velvet, and lace fabrics are used in sewing clothes for the Gothic type. Popular fabrics in this fashion include velvet, leather, guipure, lace, and satin, and all of them are produced in black or a limited range of smoky, aubergine, smoky blue, and jaggery or scarlet colors.

Popular priorities in the Gothic style are formed based on the general shape of the hourglass, and therefore showing the narrow waist like in the old times (Victorian period) is still common and popular among fans of this style. Sleeves of gothic type clothes are often cloche or pleated and made of guipure. Skirts and shirts are more common than pants in Gothic style, except for everyday use in society, where pants are a more common choice. Buy your cheap coats and jackets online safely from the Ziba couture store.

Accessory and jewelry stand in Gothic style

Accessories have a special place in men's and women's gothic styles; For example, hats and gloves will have a tremendous impact on the attractiveness of your gothic style.  Black and long gloves are very suitable for this style; most designers recommend this accessory for the Gothic type. Gothic design goggles can make your style very special and attractive. Also, leather and lace umbrellas have a special place in Gothic style.

In the Gothic style, only white ornaments and jewelry such as white gold, silver, and platinum are used, and yellow gold has no place among those who like this style.

From the traditional and old point of view, the white color symbolizes the cold and boring light of the moon, which is suitable for black and white pink clothes. Earrings, necklaces, and rings are suitable for the Gothic style, provided that they are chosen correctly, and the noteworthy point is that in the jewelry used in the Gothic style, expensive stones are not used; These ornamental stones are not used to decorate clothes of this style. Semi-precious stones such as yellow ruby, jade, and white and black stones are used in the construction and design of Gothic-style jewelry. Don't miss the Frank Lyman dresses sale.

The final and important point in the discussion of the Gothic style

The final and important point in the discussion of the Gothic style

Makeup and trimming are the most important factors in a beautiful gothic style. For men, facial and hair trimming will have the greatest impact on their looks and appearance, and for women, facial makeup will make them look more attractive. Fans and designers believe that the Gothic style breaks gender boundaries and gives you freedom of mind.

Black hair is the best option for men's and women's gothic style; The contrast of the black color with the white and pale face makes the Gothic style attractive and gives a very beautiful effect to the person. Some Gothic fans also use red or gray color for their hair, which of course depends on the style of clothing and the style and taste of the individual.

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